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Could Another ‘Carly’ Be Oscar’s Mom on General Hospital (GH)?

Tamara Braun and Oscar General HospitalTamara Braun and Oscar General Hospital

General Hospital (GH) loves popping mystery children, fathers, and even mothers out of the woodwork. This month it’s Josslyn’s boyfriend, Oscar, who is due for some new family matters.

Joss has been pushing him to figure out who his biological dad is, and viewers are hoping it might be Sonny (which would make him and Joss step-siblings) or Dante (which would make her his aunt).

Hey, here’s an idea! Maybe a new character could not be related to Sonny, for a change. (Then again, Michael was, up until recently, dating his own (adopted) aunt, so why buck family tradition?)

But that’s Oscar’s dad. What about his mom? With Tamara Braun (Carly #2) coming back to Port Charles, fans are wondering if she might be the mother of the hour. (Which would raise the odds of him being Sonny’s.) Do you agree? Here’s what almost 3,000 said about that!

And the Oscar Goes To….
When Emmy-winner Sarah Brown (Carly #1) returned to the show, she played Caludia Zacchara, who ended up marrying Sonny (Maurice Benard)… and getting knocked off by her one-time son, Michael.

So it makes perfect sense to 82% of you that Bruan would play a past-love of Sonny’s… and Oscar’s mom.

Familiar Faces
Oh, come on, groan a fed up 17%, this is going too far. Making Braun – who played Carly when Sonny shot his wife in the head during Morgan’s already difficult birth – Oscar’s mother is way too convoluted, even for GH.

It’s turtles all the way down. You all suffered through Brown as Claudia, pretending she wasn’t a familiar face and now you’re expected to do the same with Braun? If she has to come back to Port Charles, could you at least keep her out of Sonny’s orbit? For the fans’ sanity, if not Sonny and Carly #4 (Laura Wright).

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