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Wrong Side of the Law: Diane Miller’s Latest General Hospital Crime

How far will she go to protect Carly Spencer on GH?

sonny and carly are both defended by diane miller on general hospital.Did Diane really tell Carly Spencer to turn on Sonny?

No one ever accused Diane Miller of being an upright and honest General Hospital citizen. But she prided herself on following the letter, if not the spirit of the law, every time she got yet another murderer out of prison and back on the streets. We at least believed she was smart. So why has she made such a stupid and rookie mistake all of a sudden?

Diane Miller: Conflict of Interest

Diane (Carolyn Hennesy) has been Sonny’s (Maurice Benard) lawyer for years. Yes, she represented Carly (Laura Wright) in their divorce. But that was a personal matter. As far as we know, Sonny is still Diane’s professional client. Which is why she absolutely, positively had no right to advise Carly that to get out of the completely legit inside trader charges against her, she should pin all the blame on Sonny.

General Hospital: Bar None

That’s the kind of ethical breach that can get a lawyer disbarred! What was Diane thinking? Now, we realize that Sonny offered to serve time for Carly. Because he’s a mensch like that. But he did that without his lawyer present.

It was one thing for Sonny to offer. Quite another for Diane to suggest it. Now we know that Sonny won’t report Diane because she was only doing it to save Carly, and saving Carly is the higher purpose everybody is always looking for. But if the truth were to get out anyhow….oh my.

Diane Miller: General Hospital Cover Up

Of course, if the truth were to get out, we expect Diane would request her good friend, District Attorney Robert (Tristan Rogers), to pull a few strings for her. After all, Robert is a stand-up, truth-and-justice sort of guy. It’s why he can’t be with Holly (Emma Samms), after all…Robert couldn’t possibly be with a woman who was involved with anything even vaguely criminal.

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