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What If Portia and TJ Go Too Far on General Hospital?

What happens if Molly and Curtis find out these GH colleagues are too close?

portia robinson and tj ashford on general hospital.These GH doctors have been getting awfully chummy lately.

Portia and TJ have every reason to be friends on General Hospital. They’re both doctors and, they’ve both partnered with people who suck all the air out of a room. Will their need for some attention of their own lead them straight to the bedroom…together?

General Hospital Speculation

TJ’s (Tajh Bellow) longtime love, Molly (Kristen Vaganos), has developed a sudden and all-encompassing case of baby rabies (as evidenced during this episode), and that’s all she can talk, think, and whine about. We’re not saying that infertility isn’t tragic. But Molly needs to remember other people have feelings, too. As for Portia (Brook Kerr), her husband, Curtis (Donnell Turner), is paralyzed, and mired in self-pity. We’re not saying that losing the use of your lower body isn’t tragic, but Curtis needs to remember other people have feelings, too.

It makes perfect sense that Portia and TJ are kindred spirits. Both are spending long days at the hospital — to avoid long nights at home. They’ll chat. They’ll sip lukewarm coffee. They’ll share their woes and fears. And then one thing will lead to another and…well.

What Have We Done?

Everything on soaps always leads to only one thing. S-E-X. General Hospital is filled with rooms specifically designated for that purpose. There may not be enough beds for all the sick people, the critically injured wait for hours for an operating room to become available, but, by golly, the broom closets and showers are always available – and empty.

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Once they go down this road, though, there will be no taking it back. No forgetting. No rewinding. What’s done will be done and they’ll have to face the consequences of their actions (or swear to keep it a secret…which never works out).

Test Results

Portia and TJ will swear to keep their tryst a secret. But what happens when Portia ends up pregnant? (The last time she cheated on her husband, that’s exactly what happened – hi, Trina.) Not only have Portia and Curtis not had sex since his accident months ago, but remember Molly and her desperation for a baby? This could get juicy!

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