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They Started On Soaps: Emma Caulfield Checks Out of GH To Buffy

General Hospital Emma CaulfieldGeneral Hospital Emma Caulfield

Viewers often wonder which celebrities started on soaps. That’s because plenty of actors got their start in daytime television. Buffy the Vampire star, Emma Caulfield did small-time bad girl things on General Hospital in the mid-1990s as nurse Lorraine Miller. Interestingly enough, she’s not the only Buffy/ABC Daytime connection.

General Hospital: The Obvious

Ever since Jeff Kober first popped up on General Hospital as Cyrus Renault, fans have been playing the, “Hey, it’s that guy, who is on all those things!” game. One of Kober’s biggest pop culture appearances was on Buffy the Vampire Slayer as two different characters on four different episodes — once as a vampire, three times as a warlock.

Sarah Michelle Geller’s fans know that she played Kendall Hart on All My Children from 1993 through 1995, returning for the final week of episodes in 2011 (though not as Kendall). But fewer Buffy viewers know that Caufield’s vengeance demon Anya — she who was afraid of nothing…but bunnies — also had an ABC soap start.

Hello, Nurse

Emma Caulfield played Nurse Lorraine Miller (not to be confused with the character Inga Cadranel played, also named Lorraine Miller…or should we…hmmm) for about a year starting in 1997. Lorraine was a friend of Carly Benson (then-Sarah Brown), who helped Carly in a variety of schemes, including switching a then-baby Michael’s paternity test.

Though the infant was AJ Quartermaine’s, Carly first fingered Tony Jones (Brad Maule) as the father, ending Tony’s marriage to her mother, Bobbie Spencer (Jacklyn Zeman). Later, Carly got Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) to claim paternity.

General Hospital: The Color of Money

Lorraine wasn’t helping Carly out of the goodness of her heart. For one thing, she had none. For another, Lorraine also had no money. And she wanted some. She wanted lots.

Lorraine only helped Carly for a price. A price Carly often claimed not to have handy. At this point, Lorraine would threaten to go running to Bobbie or Tony or AJ (Billy Warlock), in the hope that they’d give her money for what she knew.

Carly eventually paid off Emma Caulfield’s Lorraine, and the opportunistic nurse went off to torture frat boys on the CW, before becoming a member of the Scooby Gang…and dying in the final episode.

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