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Soap Hub Performer Of The Week For GH: Brook Kerr

Kerr found a balance of emotions ranging from control, strength, and vulnerability and gave them authenticity.

brook kerr performer of the week general hospital.Brook Kerr brings complicated layers to Dr. Portia Robinson on GH.

Dr. Portia Robinson, played by General Hospital actress Brook Kerr, may not specialize in surgery but she brings a fine blade to situations she wants to control. Case in point: the protective mother put Spencer Cassadine in his place for the sake of her daughter, Trina.

Brook Kerr – Performer of the Week

“I’ll take it from here,” Portia pointedly informed Spencer when he offered to help move Trina’s possessions back into her mother’s home. By the tone in her voice, it was clear that the good doctor wasn’t talking simply about her daughter’s stuff. She believes that Spencer (Nicholas Alexander Chavez) is bad news for Trina and drew a line in the sand as she told the Cassadine heir he needs to back away from her child.

Spencer picked up quickly that Portia had likely rehearsed the bullet points she was going to rattle off to him in order to champion her request for time alone with her daughter. She led with her husband Curtis (Donnell Turner) being paralyzed and quickly added that the bullet that struck him was meant for Spencer’s uncle Sonny (Maurice Benard).

Sure, it may have been an excuse to banish Spencer, but Kerr had Portia play the reality that she and Trina may not feel safe at the pool at the Metro Court or, quite frankly, anywhere else if they could end up the unintended target of someone trying to harm Spencer’s family. “You’re not exactly a saint, though, are you, Spencer?” Portia countered when he said he was nothing like his late uncle Victor (Charles Shaughnessy).

Spencer agreed to back down and offered to leave after saying goodnight to Trina. Kerr maintained Portia’s position of strength and informed the young man that that wasn’t necessary. Choosing not to die on this particular hill, Chavez opted to have Spencer offer a polite farewell to Portia and quietly exit.

Alone with her daughter, Portia’s joy of having Trina all to herself was tempered by the reality of Curtis’s paralysis. Still, Portia was upbeat when Marshall (Robert Gossett) came home and was looking forward to an enjoyable evening. She quickly grew dismayed upon finding out that Trina had ducked out to run an errand.

Portia’s love of family extends beyond caring for her daughter. She implored Marshall not to move out — especially now that Curtis needs him more than ever. As Trina had left, Portia allowed herself to emotionally break down as she confided in Marshall her fears that Curtis might be confined to a wheelchair for the rest of his life. Portia lamented that her years of lying about Curtis possibly being Trina’s father led him to the moment where he got shot. She began to cry as she confided in Marshall that Curtis had gone to the rooftop pool to see her. A teary Portia found support in Marshall’s embrace.

Spencer and Trina — affectionately referred to as “Sprina” by their diehard fan base — are immensely popular. So playing the person who is trying to keep them apart from one another isn’t necessarily an enviable position in which to be. However, Brook Kerr brings a love of family to her character, making Portia’s choices understandable.

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