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How GH Can Finally Fix Hamilton Finn

He used to be a likable character but this year saw him become unrecognizable.

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Hamilton Finn first arrived on the Port Charles scene in 2016 after Michael Easton’s previous General Hospital character, Silas Clay, didn’t work out and was unceremoniously killed off.

Hamilton Finn Seemed Like A Decent Guy

Back then, Finn (Michael Easton) was a quirky character who seemed nice enough but was definitely hiding something. We eventually learned he was suffering from an illness called Blackwood’s Disease that had already claimed the life of his wife. He was doing his best to find a cure and used himself as a guinea pig, becoming addicted to a powerful narcotic he needed for this cure. His quirkiness also introduced us to his pet lizard, Roxy, who was also contributing to this cure.

We watched Finn fall in love with Hayden Barnes (Rebecca Budig) as she got him through withdrawal, and he finally found the cure when Hayden got infected. He even used the money from the cure to save General Hospital. A hero! Hayden eventually learned she was pregnant, and they planned to marry, but she was then run out of town and lied to Finn that she miscarried the baby.

In Walks Anna Devane…And Out Walks Finn

Oddly enough, Finn ended up helping WSB agent Anna Devane (Finola Hughes) on a case, and the two ended up falling in love. Finn even chose Anna when Hayden showed up with their daughter, Violet Finn (Jophielle Love), and then disappeared, leaving Finn and Anna to raise the little girl.

Anna and Finn were a cute couple we could root for, but when Finn learned Anna lied about Peter August (Wes Ramsey) NOT being her son and being a criminal, he dumped her right at the altar. That’s when fans started to look at him a little differently. He was unforgiving with Anna, and that felt like a sea change was coming. And it did.

Hamilton Finn Becomes Obsessed With Elizabeth

Around the same time that Finn dumped Anna, the soap also killed off Franco Baldwin (Roger Howarth), leaving his wife, Elizabeth Webber Baldwin (Rebecca Herbst), a widow with three young sons. It’s clear now that Finn and Anna’s breakup and the senseless murder of the popular Franco were both so that GH could pair Liz and Finn, and we still don’t know why.

The characters have zero chemistry, have barely ever been on a date, and there is no oomph or romance. In fact, Finn is now downright stalker-like with Elizabeth. He obsesses over her every move, tries to tell her how to live her life, and doesn’t respect any boundaries she puts forth. He has become completely unlikable since being paired with this longtime beloved character, and we almost forgot that we once liked him and why.

Then, GH gave him some scenes with Anna, and we remembered. Just being out of Elizabeth’s orbit turns Finn into someone we can enjoy again. It was a refreshing scene at the Port Charles Police Department jail where we were reminded that Finn can be a funny, affable guy with people he cares about, but apparently not with people he is obsessed with.

Does that mean we want a Fanna reunion? No, Anna and Valentin Cassadine (James Patrick Stuart) make a perfect pairing and work much better than Finn and Anna, but we can like Finn again if he is not with Elizabeth. Heck, you could pair him with Ava Jerome (Maura West), who he had a chem test with on the nail salon set, and we’d like him better. He just can’t be with Elizabeth. And that’s it. That’s all GH has to do. Remove Finn and Elizabeth from each other’s life, and Finn is fixed. Voila!

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