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How Can GH’s Elizabeth Webber Not Know How Finn’s Wife Died?

This storyline keeps getting more and more confusing.

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There are so many things wrong with the relationship between Hamilton Finn and Elizabeth Webber, and we have covered them more than once on this site. We do not understand how General Hospital can consider their relationship to be a great love story when they barely know one another and never had any actual dates on their own. Now, there is just one more weird plot point that makes us wonder how close they can really be.

Elizabeth Webber Should Know Finn’s Past

When Finn (Michael Easton) first arrived on the Port Charles scene in 2016, he was addicted to a narcotic he was using to create a cure for Blackwoods Disease, the ailment he suffered from that took his wife, Reiko’s life. As Hayden Barnes (Rebecca Budig), Elizabeth’s (Rebecca Herbst) newfound sister, nearly died from Blackwoods herself, prompting Finn to speed up his cure-finding process, he made no secret of the loss he felt when Reiko succumbed to the same ailment.

Finn even used the money from the patent he sold for his new miracle drug to save the hospital from bankruptcy, and everyone who worked in the hospital — and this would include Elizabeth — knew how proud Finn was of finding the cure so others wouldn’t have to suffer as his wife did.

Would Liz Know Her Boyfriend’s History?

Let’s just say nobody knew — including fans, Elizabeth, Hayden, and the hospital staff — how Dr. Finn’s wife died. Wouldn’t he have mentioned this to Liz at some point? After all, he is supposed to be so madly in love with her that his entire life now revolves around running Liz’s and trying to figure out the secrets of her past that even she doesn’t remember. Wouldn’t you mention how your first wife died to the new love of your life?

Furthermore, if Finn and Liz are so close they are declaring their undying love for one another, why wouldn’t Liz just come out and ask Finn what she should already know — how did Reiko die?

The fact that they are both dancing around the issue and still going behind one another’s backs to try to get info on one another just highlights the trust issues in this not-so-great romance. While we wish GH would cut its losses with this pairing and this plot (really, Liz’s backstory is all about Finn?), we know we won’t get our wish any time soon.

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