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A Letter For General Hospital’s Peter: Just Who Is Dimitri Marick?

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ABC took its popular crossover show formula to daytime yesterday, connecting one of All My Children’s most popular characters, Dimitri Marick, to General’s Hospital’s resident bad boy. While his face wasn’t shown, it appears that someone is sending vital information to Peter, which could further blow up his upcoming marriage and life with Maxie.

General Hospital: Secrets From The Grave

Although Alex Marick, Anna’s twin sister (both Finola Hughes), is supposedly dead, someone with the same last name is very much alive and ready to unleash the truth. The envelope, which was addressed to Peter (Wes Ramsey), contained Alex’s last will and testament. The return address had D. Marick printed on it.

Alex was married to Dimitri Marick when they were both on All My Children, so it makes sense that it would indeed be him, although it was still a surprise to see his name.

More intriguing, is that we don’t know yet what is on the flash drive that was placed in the envelope to Peter. Since the memory transfer storyline continues to be front and center with Franco (Roger Howarth), who still possesses some of Drew’s (Billy Miller) memories, this could get doubly intriguing. What other memories could be on that drive? Are they Alex’s recalling when Peter was born and who his actual mother is — or some other primary person related to Peter?

Connection To Pine Valley Primetime?

The timing of Dimitri making a major impact in Port Charles could possibly coincide with the primetime development reboot of AMC tentatively titled “Pine Valley,” which is spearheaded by former co-stars and real-life power couple Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos, who will serve as executive producers.

The potential series will follow a young journalist who comes to Pine Valley with a secret agenda–to expose the dark and murderous history of the town only to become entangled in a feud between the Kane and Santos families.

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A new generation of characters and some old favorites are planned to appear in the Pine Valley project. Although there are currently no deals in place with original cast members, there are plans to include a number of them in future appearances.

Likely one of the big returns for the series will be Erica Kane, who is AMC’s only original cast member to have remained on the show from its first year in 1970 to its final year back in 2011. Since the show’s outline emphasizes a rivalry involving the Kane and Santos families and Dimitri has ties to both clans, it’s very possible that Dimitri will be one of the returning characters, too.

Dimitri: A Look Back

Dimitri (Michael Nader) made his first appearance on AMC when he rescued Natalie (Kate Collins) Hunter from a well on the Wildwind estate. Of course, we remember Dimitri the most from his epic love affair with Erica (Susan Lucci). Their long and tempestuous relationship resulted in two marriages. His connection with the Santos family runs deep too, largely because of his brother Edmund Grey (John Callahan) and his wife, Maria Santos Grey (Eva LaRue), which would fit in nicely with the planned Pine Valley reboot.

Dimitri slept with his sister-in-law, Maria, who subsequently found out that she was pregnant. Skye Chandler (Robin Christopher) learned of Dimitri and Maria’s affair and doctored paternity test results to make it look like Dimitri was the father of Maria’s child. After Maria supposedly died in a plane crash, Dimitri sought custody of Maddie, but later found out when he brought her to the hospital that she was biologically Edmund’s daughter because her blood type did not match Dimitri’s. That could leave Maddie as a possible prime character in the new reboot.

A Devane Connection

Shortly after being trapped in an aqueduct, Dimitri began having dizzy spells. He was referred to one of the top neurologists in the world, Alex, who diagnosed Dimitri with a very rare disease that prevents the cells in the brain from rejuvenating themselves. Alex developed a miracle cure that put the disease in remission, and the two fell in love and got married. On the plane trip back, Dimitri was believed to have suffered a fatal brain aneurysm and died. It was later discovered that Alex was hiding him at Seaview Hospital.

Several years later, Dimitri returned to Pine Valley upon the request of Brooke English (Julia Barr). He revealed to Brooke that he and Alex were no longer together. We now know that the two stayed in touch, at least enough for Dimitri to know to reach out to Peter in the event of her death. Now we will see how the past will shed major light on present Port Charles.

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