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A Critic’s Review of General Hospital: A Roundup Of Predictions For 2023

Who knew predictions could be so much fun?

General Hospital: A Roundup Of Predictions For 2023

We here at Soap Hub are never shy when it comes to playing armchair headwriter – look no further than our near weekly ‘Wild Speculation’ articles for proof – and with 2023 fast approaching, a few of us couldn’t help but theorize what might be on the story horizon.

We were equally curious to see what you’d most like to happen to, or suspect is in store for your favorite — and perhaps least favorite — General Hospital characters. To all those who participated, I sincerely thank-you.

Below you’ll find a roundup of predictions/wishes submitted by fans and Soap Hub staff alike, including yours truly. Happy reading.

General Hospital — 2023 Predictions

Jennifer Spector (General Hospital Fans Group):

Leisl and Scotty marry on 2/14 and not Portia and Curtis * Jordan will fall in love with Tommy, who is actually alive. One more thing Shawn Butler didn’t do. * Ned will be CEO again and sign papers to not press charges against Drew and Carly in exchange, just before Drew finds out Carly is a liar and dumps her anyway. * Sasha becomes pregnant via in-vitro and names the baby Brando. * Jordan busts the card game at the Savoy, and Curtis loses his club. * Dex’s cover is found out by Joss and then Sonny and then Joss and Dex go on the run. * While waiting for Joss to return, Cameron starts dating Emma. * Finn and Liz make up, so do Chase and Brook Lynn. * The numbers on the ice princess diamonds are the DNA code to clone another Cassadine.

Ashley Stenson (General Hospital Lounge):

*Britt is the last hook victim at her birthday party on NYE – I hope not bc she deserves way better than that — OR Nikolas will be the last hook victim and go into a coma so they can recast him. *Cody will confess he’s Mac’s son. * Carly will be exposed; Drew will dump her. Michael will be furious with her and disown both his parents. * Nina will donate the bone marrow. * Austin’s mob family in  Pautauk will be the ones trying to bring down Sonny. He will either stop them or join themselves. * Cam will discover Joss and Dex – they break up. * Curtis will find out the truth and dump Portia – but Portia will be pregnant. * Brooklyn and Chase will get back together, as will Spinelli and Maxie. * Sasha will find out what Gladys did with her money when she realizes she broke. * Lucy/Anna/Valentin story will wrap up somehow. * Heather/Ryan/Esme/Victor/Hook showdown. * Ace is born and we find out he’s not a Cassadine.

Troy Townsend (General Hospital Lounge):

Griffin Munro returns. * Maxie and Spinelli get back together. * Britta dies. * All lies regarding biological parentage are revealed (Willow’s, Trina’s, Nikolas’, Cody’s)

Angie Dong (General Hospital Lounge):

Curtis finds out that Trina is his daughter and has a drunken night with Jordan. * Spencer and Trina kiss – after more assorted agony and stumbling blocks. * Cam catches Joss kissing Dex. * Biggest hope – Nina and Sonny break up – tired of them being pushed. While I do think that Nina should find out she’s Willow’s mother, I don’t think it should happen until well after Willow gets a bone marrow donation… and that Nina is not the donor. * Drew and Carly break up. * Hayden returns and falls for Drew. * If they don’t get Austin’s story moving, sorry, they should just let Roger Howarth go because they are wasting his talent and inflating budget. * I guess we’ll see what happens with Nikolas as the actor was cut from the show…. Correction – Drew and Carly break up

Diane Brounstein (Soap Hub’s Editor-In-Chief):

Carly will finally get her comeuppance. It may even last a whole week.

Sandra Leaming (Soap Hub’s Community Manager):

The hook to be hooked themselves. * Give Liz a decent storyline. No redemption, make her worse. * Expose Carly, as a result, to be barred from her Wiley visits. * Give the late Sonya Eddy’s character Epiphany a decent passing storyline – later to learn, she passed her MCATS. * Joss and Dex become the hottest couple in PC!

Sherrie E. Smith (Soap Hub’s Senior Editor):

More Vanna! * Give Lucy and Martin more screen time! * Give Roger Howarth a storyline he can conquer! * Ditto for Alexis. * New directions for the youngsters (Joss, Cameron, Trina, and Spencer). There is so much more that can be done. * I hope to see the Cody/Mac storyline follow through. * More core characters returning and giving them a good storyline. * Less Willow and Michael. * More Brook Lynn and Chase. * Keep Cyrus Renault! His character is one of the most interesting. Always trying to figure him out.

Michael Maloney (Soap Hub’s Sr. West Coast Editor):

GH gives veteran fans a gift for the show’s 60th anniversary in April — retcon/fix the story that tarnished the memory of Dr. Rick Webber (Chris Robinson) by making him an icky weirdo. Bring on Ginny Blake Webber (Judith Champan) and Rick Webber, Jr. who, by now, is probably a doctor.

The Best Humorous Prediction comes courtesy of Dean Daniel-Weeks (General Hospital Lounge) who submitted: Nina is the Hook…she kills Carly and Josslyn…she goes on trial…but is not convicted when everybody realizes Port Charles is drama free now that the Devil and her Spawn are gone.

A Critic’s Predictions For General Hospital

Escape artist extraordinaire Heather Webber (Alley Mills) will be unmasked as The Hook, but not before spirting an alive and well and still pregnant Esme Prince (Avery Kristen Pohl) out of Port Charles. * Nikolas Cassadine and Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst) will come clean to their estranged loved ones but find cold comfort. In response, they’ll turn to each other and make their lie a reality. * Marshall (Robert Gossett) will learn that he was misdiagnosed, and his abandonment of his family was all for naught. * Willow Tait (Katelyn MacMullen) births her and Michael Corinthos’s (Chad Duell) babe — then dies! Carly Spencer (Laura Wright) learns that her actions directly contributed to Willow’s passing and while she keeps mum, her guilt begins to eat her alive.

A beholden Gladys Corbin (Bonnie Burroughs) will sign over Sasha Gilmore’s (Sofia Mattsson) stake in Deception to Selena Wu (Lydia Look). * Victor Cassadine (Charles Shaughnessy) will initiate “Operation Demeter”, and in an echo of summer 1981, Port Charles will be in danger of becoming a frozen wasteland. * The PCPD’s investigation into the Pikeman Group will force Dante Falconeri (Dominic Zamprogna) to decide once and for all whether he’s the enabling son of a mob boss or a cop dedicated to rooting out the corrupt…like his mob boss father. * Cyrus Renault (Jeff Kober) will receive a pardon and be unleashed onto the denizens of PC.

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