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It’s OVER For The Cains As Drew Leaves Sam On General Hospital

Drew and Sam General HospitalDrew and Sam General Hospital

Now that Drew is no longer about to be buried by concrete on General Hospital (GH), Sam finally has the chance to tell Drew all about her feelings for Jason and how she confessed those feelings right to his face after the earthquake.

Well, it doesn’t quite go as Sam (Kelly Monaco) plans. While she tells Drew (Billy Miller) she’s in love with both of them, Drew just can’t handle it.

According to published reports, he leaves Sam in anger–and more angry at the overall, messed up situation than at her.

Of course, this doesn’t mean Sam goes running to Jason (Steve Burton) now that she’s free. She still has to deal with her feelings for Drew and this marriage she tried to make a go of it.

But, Jason does learn what happened and that’s because he runs into a very drunk Drew.

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While Jason doesn’t want to come to blows, Drew certainly provokes him and Jason ends up also spilling about the New Year’s Eve kiss.

Things turn violent, but Jason does feel bad for the guy as he did not make any of this happen. Faison somehow did and Jason still wants answers.

And finding those answers will be what occupies Jason’s time while Sam tries to figure out her own feelings now that Drew isn’t there clouding them.

Perhaps with neither man pressuring her (not that Jason did), Sam can make up her own mind what–and who-she wants out of the…continue reading on the next page —>

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