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Maybe Morgan? Bryan Craig Sets the Record Straight on Returning to GH

Bryan Craig of General HospitalBryan Craig of General Hospital

Count Bryan Craig (ex-Morgan) among the many soap stars who were at the Hallmark Channel’s winter TV Critics party over the weekend. The elegant gala was held at the swanky Tournament House in Pasadena.

Soap Hub was on the scene and caught up with the Emmy-winning Craig about life after Port Charles and asked him if he’d be open to reprising his fan favorite role of Sonny and Carly’s son!

Where do you keep the Emmy you won last year for Younger Leading Actor?

I found an art collector in Beverly Hills. He had this vintage wooden pedestal and now that’s where I keep it. I didn’t have anywhere else to put it.

It deserves a place of honor!

Yeah! I’d never won an award like that before and I didn’t have a place for it. So I had to buy something.

Fans miss seeing you in Port Charles; what’s keeping you busy?

I just finished doing a lead role in Ride, a Warner Bros independent film with Sasha Alexander (Rizzoli & Isles) and (singer/actor) Ludacris. I play the lead of a white supremacy gang. The film should be coming out at the end of this year. I’m also in the process of (playing) a lead in a film about boxers. It’s got some big people on it. Willem DaFoe (Spider-Man) is set to play my trainer. The executive producer from Rocky is set to executive produce our film. I play a drug addict who is also a world champion boxer.

A drug addict…so you don’t need to be in great shape — or do you?

I’ve been training really hard for a while. I boxed on and off with Maurice [Benard, Sonny]. He’s big into boxing, but I’ve never trained like this. They’re treating me like a professional boxer with the way I’m eating. and I’m also training two to three times a day.

What have you changed in your diet?

What do you think? Post a comment!

I eat nothing but vegetables and fish.

What would be your one cheat?

A Dirty Martini!

What did being on GH mean to you?

I love everybody there. It was great and [the show] will always be my home. It’s my first show and the show I won my first award for so it means a lot to me. We’ve got the Emmys coming up again in April. (Editors note: The 44th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards are set to be held on April 30, 2017.)

What did you submit for this year’s competition? 

I sent in the scene in which I was tied to the hospital bed and they were committing me to the mental hospital. Maurice, Laura [Wright, Carly] and [Carolyn Hennessy] Diane, the lawyer [were in it]. I submitted that and also the scene with Maurice where he was talking me off the ledge.

So we will see you at the Emmys.

(Laughs) You might.

You can submit up to four shows this year. Did you like having that option? 

No, not really. I submitted [material] from two episodes that I thought were strong. I like to keep it short and sweet. I had a bunch of shows to choose from but I wanted to…continue reading on the next page —>

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