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When the Bough’s Snatched: Will Nelle Steal Maxie’s Baby on General Hospital (GH)?

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The other day on General Hospital (GH), Michael was asking Jason if his mom, Carly, ever used baby Michael as a way to stay close to the man she was obsessed with, then… i.e. Jason (Steve Burton)… and, well, now.

Anyone who was watching the show then can confidently answer Michael’s (Chad Duell) question with a great big, “Duh!” (Meanwhile, let’s all take a moment to wallow in Carly’s hypocrisy as she taunts Nelle about being in a mental institution. Was her late son not suffering from a mental illness? Does her husband not have the same mental illness?)

Now, Michael is worried that Nelle (Chloe Lanier) is trying to pull the same stunt on him via their baby. Again, “Duh!”

But what if there’s no baby for Nelle to use? Might she stoop to kidhapping Maxie’s (Kirsten Storms) impending bundle of joy? Almost 12,000 viewers tried their hands at predicting a pre-crime:

Double Your Pleasure, Double Your Fun
It’s a soap staple, sigh 74% of you. If two women are pregnant at the same time, one baby will die – and the other will be stolen to take its place. (There is also the option of harvesting the other baby for its organs, but after Jake’s kidneys didn’t end up in Joss, it’s doubtful the show will go down that path again).

So, yes, Nelle’s baby seems doomed… and Maxie had better put a Lojack on hers.

Moral Code
Oh, come on, cry a dissenting 25%, even Nelle wouldn’t be cruel enough to take the child of a woman who has already lost her husband.

Granted, if her baby dies, nobody expects Nelle to be in her right mind (and there is that history of instability that Carly keeps bringing up), but she should fight her instincts, no matter what.

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