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Is It Reunion Time For Nina and Valentin on General Hospital (GH)?

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Soaps have built their reputation on opposites-attract relationships, and General Hospital (GH) is no exception. Think the good girl reforming the bad boy, like Liz and Franco. Think the upstanding guy calming down the schemer, like Nathan and Maxie.

The problem with such pairings is that viewers often find themselves wondering what in the world the pair has in common — besides both being inhumanly pretty?

Luckily, with Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) and Nina (Michelle Stafford) the commonality is obvious: They’re both nuts. (They also both enjoy stealing other people’s babies. Which is, arguably, a subset of nuts.)

So do these two crazy (emphasis on crazy) kids have a chance for a Happily Ever After together? Almost 3,000 fans have something to say about it!

In Sickness And In Health
Mental illness is a sickness, right? Which means it’s not a reason to break up. If you look at Valentin’s obsession with Anna (Finola Hughes) as a sickness from the days when he was The Hunchback of the World Security Bureau, then, really, Nina is just blaming the poor man for things he can’t control.

Which is why 73% of you believe they are meant to be and will, in fact, be, just as soon as Nina understands her husband’s delicate condition.

The same goes for Valentin. Nina spent 20 years in a coma. Any crazy things she does afterwards is just a long term side effect. Americans With Disabilities Act applies.

Step Away From the Cassadine
Nina may have given Valentin a list of demands he must meet before she’d consider taking him back, but there aren’t enough conditions in the world to convince 27% of you that this couple is anything but dysfunctional.

The worst part is, they feed each other’s dark side, like when Nina encouraged Valentin to hold onto Charlotte. They bring out the worst in the other and, instead of reuniting, should probably take out twin restraining orders.

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