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What Are Anna and Valentin Actually Hiding?

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Anna is good at keeping secrets on General Hospital.

When she first showed up in Port Charles, she hid the fact that she was Robert’s ex-wife, that the scar she was wearing was a fake, and, oh, yeah, Robin. Since then, she’s kept dozens of other truths close to the vest, so you can forgive fans for suspecting there’s more between her and Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) than Anna lets on. But what is it, exactly?

Double Trouble
After over 5,000 votes were tallied, 38% of fans suspect Valentin is the one who turned Anna into a double-agent in the first place. He wanted to use her as a tool against the West. Breaking up Anna’s marriage to Robert (Tristan Rogers) was just a bonus.

Something Bad
Still 22% of viewers went with Other, suggesting their own theories, such as that Anna (Finola Hughes) and Valentin are brother and sister, that she’s his mother (why not both, Chinatown-style?), or that he’s really Faison, in yet another of his terribly realistic latex costumes.

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Baby Love
Anna hid Robin (Kimberly McCullough) from Robert until the girl was in elementary school, which is probably why 19% of you are convinced Valentin and Anna have a secret child together. The question is, when would this child have been born? Before Anna met Robert? Before she came to Port Charles? Or during the years she was presumed dead (though excluding the ones during which she was Mrs. David Hayward in Pine Valley, and gave birth to yet another daughter, there)?

Ties That Bind
Along the same vein, an almost equal 19% of fans think that Valentin once drugged and assaulted Anna, which could lead quite naturally into the secret child hypothesis, and explain why Anna never mentioned it or him/her. But, seeing as this is a soap, we have to wonder, is said child already on the GH canvas?

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