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Anna and Andre: Love It? Hate It? Or Just Don’t Care By Now?

Andre and Anna on General HospitalAndre and Anna on General Hospital

For nearly two years, General Hospital (GH) has been dangling Anna and Andre in front of us like a carrot.

It’s clear there’s something special between the pair and it could go beyond friendship, but every time they try to go there, it fizzles–and that seems to be on the writing end and not the chemistry end.

Soap Hub asked if you want to see Anna (Finola Hughes) and Andre (Anthony Montgomery) together or if you just don’t care at this point.

Let’s Get It On!
Out of nearly 3,000 votes, it seems the majority of you, 59% to be exact, wonder what the heck the hold up is. You absolutely loved their disco dance that led to a long-awaited kiss last week, but then wonder why the heck it’s barely been followed up.

You never understood what Andre saw in Jordan (Vinessa Antoine) when Anna was right there biding her time, trying to be a good friend.

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Andre might have said the kiss was a mistake, but they never went further than that as Anna was interrupted by news of Valentin. Why the tease, General Hospital, if there will be no pay off?

Stay Away!
Of course, 41% of you say no way to this pair. You love their friendship, but just don’t see where love and passion comes into the mix. You wish Robert (Tristan Rogers) would return for good for Anna while Andre could find someone else who will treat him right and not see him as a consolation prize.

Perhaps you just got sick of the waiting and are over the Anna and Andre possibilities after all this time.

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