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Butt Out Or Stick Around? How General Hospital (GH) Fans REALLY Feel About Stella!


Doesn’t everyone have an aunt like General Hospital’s (GH) Stella? As played by primetime vet Vernee Watson, Stella is that relative who always thinks she knows what’s best for you… and isn’t shy about sharing how she feels.

You have to put up with plenty of Aunt Stellas in real life, but are you willing to take a second shift during your daytime drama? Here’s how over 8,000 viewers feel about the whole situation:

Tell It Like It Is!
Port Charles is full of people who, no matter what insane thing they do or decision they make, always have someone there to tell them how great they are, and how what they did was absolutely the only option.

For 53% of you, it’s a breath of fresh air to have someone like Stella on the canvas, to point out when they are acting like fools! It’s almost like you’ve been allowed onto the set to smack some heads together.

Stella has every right to hate Jordan (Vinessa Antoine), and to be protective of Curtis (Donnell Turner) and TJ (Tequan Richmond). If you can’t be there to lay down some truths, Stella is the next best thing!

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Agony Aunt
Go away, Stella, say 47% of you who are making “shoo, shoo, scram” gestures with your hands. Oh, and Stella? No one asked you!

Sure, you have every right to be concerned about your nephews. But you can also keep your opinions to yourself. If they ask for guidance, then fine, go crazy! But until that magic day, practice restraint.

On a show with a mumbling mobster, his shrieking harpy of a wife, a scheming Mafia princess, another mobster, a doctor who should have lost her license decades ago, a once-disfigured sociopath, an artistic serial killer… we could go on and on… whom does almost 50% of the audience hate? Buttinsky Aunt Stella!

General Hospital (GH) airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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