This Is Us Star Mandy Moore Previews Rebecca’s Journey

This Is Us Mandy Moore April 5, 2019This Is Us, Ron Batzdorff/NBC | 2018 NBCUniversal Media, LLC

As fans of This is Us know, Rebecca, the Pearson family matriarch, is being shown in future segments as having some memory issues. At a recent press conference for the show, the character’s portrayer, Mandy Moore, previewed what’s ahead and what helps her get into character as she plays Rebecca at an advanced age.

Mandy Moore Previews Rebecca

“I know when I slip on that wig and those prosthetics and sit through that process [to age Rebecca],” Moore says, “it’s how I know Sterling [K. Brown, Randall]. It’s how I know Justin [Hartley, Kevin]. It’s how I know Chrissy [Metz, Kate]. [W]hen we’re working together, it’s the only way that I know them. So, it’s so comfortable and familiar at this point. Almost more comfortable and familiar than the other ages. I feel like, especially in this season, we’ve been living in that world, present day, a lot more.”

Viewers have seen the Pearson family, in the future, gather to support Rebecca as she rests comfortably. Moore’s done her homework to make sure her performance is as authentic as possible.

“[O]f course it’s something that I have done a lot of research on and something I’ve paid a careful amount of attention to and podcasts and books and documentaries, and I want to thoughtfully approach…what Rebecca is sort of going through at this stage in her life with as much care and consideration,” she said.

An Uncertain Future

“I can’t imagine being in that position [in real-life]. And I don’t want to speak too much to it, because obviously I want people to watch the season sort of unfold and this journey that she’s on with her family. But I think it’s something we all have talked a great deal about. And I think in typical ‘This Is Us’ fashion, we’re able to deal with issues across the board in a very graceful manner.”

While this story is filled with heartbreak, Moore says she loves playing this role. “It makes me feel like the luckiest person in the world to be able to…[portray] this matriarch is the job of a lifetime,” she says. This Is Us returns for the second half of its season starting Tuesday, January 14 at 9 p.m. ET on NBC.

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