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This Is Us Season 5 Preview – Find Out What’s Next for the Pearson Clan

This Is Us Rebecca Mandy MooreThis Is Us Rebecca Mandy Moore

TV dramas are always touting storyline twists that will change the canvas of the program forever! However, we have a feeling that This Is Us is going to hold true to its promises with its promo for Season 5, which reads: “This season changes us forever.”

This Is Us Season 5 Preview

The show, which tells the story of the Pearson clan and their friends and other relatives over the course of many decades, is returning for a two-hour premiere on Tuesday, October 27. Viewers recall that last season Kevin (Justin Hartley) and Randall (Emmy-winner Sterling K. Brown) fought over their mother Rebecca’s (Mandy Moore) Alzheimer’s care. Their conflict led to an ugly, knockdown battle in which things were said that can never be taken back.

Randall blasted Kevin for not being there the night their father died. Randall adds that Jack was not proud of Kevin, who always only thinks about himself. Ouch!

Not only that but Kevin learned that he was going to become a dad to twins! The Season 4 finale also showed the Pearson gang gathering to celebrate baby Jack’s first birthday. Rebecca opted not to enter a clinical trial to help deal with her memory issues. Later, Beth took issue with how Randall got Rebecca to change her mind about taking part in the experimental treatment.

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Madison (Caitlin Thompson), who’s pregnant with Kevin’s twins, shared that she never thought she’d be able to get pregnant as she had been bulimic for a long time. Kevin had a change of heart and opted to embrace impending fatherhood.

In a flash-forward, we see the Pearsons gathering at Kevin’s house as they prepare to bid farewell to Rebecca who may be on her deathbed. There was a moment between Randall and Kevin in this timeline that shows that they may be able to be brothers once more.

Toby (Chris Sullivan) suggested to Kate that they adopt. Kate agreed. As we saw in flash-forwards, that adopted girl Hailey (Adelaide Kane) grows up to work in an art gallery. We see her rushing to where Jack (Blake Stadnik), now an adult, and Lucy (Auden Thornton) having their first child, a daughter, named Hope.

Rebecca’s fate remains to be seen in the future timeline. But while some characters on This Is Us die, the nature of the show’s storytelling with numerous flashbacks, actors who’ve played characters that have gone to that great show in the sky can still pop up as viewers learn more about them in untold stories. Originally, the show was set to return in November, but that was moved to an earlier time. This Is Us, Season 5, premieres on Tuesday, October 27 at 9 p.m. ET on NBC.

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