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This Is Us Actress Chrissy Metz Gives Sneak Peak At Season 5 Return

Chrissy MetzChrissy Metz

This Is Us ended 2020 with one doozy of a revelation concerning the lone female Pearson sibling: in her youth, Kate learned that she was pregnant AFTER ending things with her abusive partner, Marc. It’s a part of her past that she’s never shared with a living soul before…not even her brothers!

Chrissy Metz Discusses Season 5 Plot Points

In the aftermath of Kate’s emotional truth session with husband Toby (Chris Sullivan), actress Chrissy Metz sat down with TVLine to discuss how this previously unexplored part of her character’s past will inform her future.

Of the utmost importance? Ascertaining whether or not Kate decided to carry the baby to term. On that subject, Metz played it cagy, though she did promise that viewers would, “eventually find out.”

What the actress did admit was that the disclosure could go a long way in explaining why young Kate turned to food (and subsequently overeating) as a coping mechanism, “when it comes to anyone who keeps secrets and anyone who decides not to talk about something.

“Literally, you’re stuffing your feelings down. You’re stuffing whatever’s going on, and because it’s so complicated and complex when it pertains to Marc and their relationship, it’s a really big deal.”

But hope, it seems, is luckily just around the corner. “This is something that she’s finally ready to grapple with, at least as far as telling Toby what’s going on, what really happened…I think she’s hit a particular point in her life that she’s like, ‘Yeah. This is not serving me anymore.’”

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And of course, as Metz is quick to point out that Kate’s past struggle and resolve to confront her issues in the here and now is, “something that everybody can relate to. No matter how big or small the event is in our life: that when we carry it around, we really carry it around.”

As the conversation wound down, Metz was confronted with what has become the other million-dollar question: where in the world has Kate been in all those ominous flash-forwards that first appeared in the Season 4 finale and have been peppered throughout Season 5?

Luckily, for the network at least, Metz remained tight-lipped…though she did proffer that perhaps Kate had been out running some errands such as tidying up her vehicle’s exterior.

But the actress left her fans with a piece of sound advice. “If she’s not alive…nobody’s ever really gone. I mean, we see that with Jack. So, not to worry either way.”

This Is Us season 5 is set to return to NBC on Tuesday, January 5, 2021. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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