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The Bachelor Mansion Owner Reveals The “Main House Is There” After Devastating Fire

The Bachelor mansionThe Bachelor mansion

The Bachelor Nation mansion has become a staple of every season, but it was nearly burned down during the horrible Woolsey Fire that has affected so much of California.

Thankfully, Marshall Haraden, who owns the mansion, opened up to Us Weekly about the condition of the home and revealed the house is still standing.

“The main house is there. Everything’s fine and the accessory building up front that they use for the shows as a basecamp, it was destroyed,” he shared.

“It’s gone, but it’s not something that’s do-or-die for the show that [production] relies on. There’s a lot of times that they’ve used it for something else and they didn’t use it for basecamp, so it’s a versatile are for them. They can makeshift.”

He continued, “With the building gone, they can put some modular trailers there for the duration of the show and it’ll be just fine. But we’ve already talked and it’s not going to interrupt the show. The damage up around the house is minimal, which we’ll get back to shape real quick with our crew.”

Though it is still standing, there is unfortunately no water and no electricity in the area at the moment.

“There’s no water, there’s no electricity, there’s no gas out there. I’ll go in there and rough it, but I’m not gonna ask my wife to go in there and rough it with no electricity or water,” he said.

“There’s no point going back if you can’t take a warm shower and all that.”

He continued, “There were concerns about people going in and trying to rob houses and stuff like that. So I’ve got on-guard security, security out there at night and the L.A. Sheriffs are there … They’re on it day and night.”

Because it is used to film The Bachelor and The Bachelorette every season, fans often forget a real family lives in the mansion when cameras aren’t rolling.

“The challenge is during the year, you know? While we’re living there, a lot of people try to climb it and it gets really awkward sometimes, so you’ve got to protect it,” he said.

“People think that, because it’s a TV show that’s on TV, all these people are at the house. They’re not. They filmed and moved on to wherever they go, so that’s usually when it’s cursed the most.”

We’re so happy to hear the structure is still standing, and we hope that the Haradens can get back in there soon!

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