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Five Reasons We’re Here For Teddy and Owen’s Romance On Grey’s Anatomy

Grey's Anatomy Teddy and Owen August 19, 2019Grey's Anatomy Teddy and Owen

Teddy Altman finally admitted her true feelings for Owen Hunt during Season 15 of Grey’s Anatomy, and vice versa, but the pair didn’t quite make their relationship official despite the fact they did have a daughter together.

According to published reports, Grey’s Anatomy is finally going to focus on their romance in Season 16, and we are so ready. These are our top five reasons we’re totally here for Teddy (Kim Raver) and Owen’s (Kevin McKidd) love story.

5. Best Friends
Owen and Teddy have been best friends for a very long time. They’ve worked together for decades and know each other probably better than anybody else on the planet. These two could get married tomorrow without ever really dating, and it would probably be OK because they truly know each other inside and out.

4. Enough Back and Forth
It’s no secret these two have gone back and forth with one another for years. It felt as if one second Teddy was in love with Owen, and then the very next second Owen would commit to another woman. And vice versa. Their timing has been horrible. Now they are finally both single (well, Dr. Tom Koracick may be upset but better now than later).

3. For the Love of Owen
Owen is not lucky when it comes to love. He fell for Cristina back in Season 5, but that relationship ended up crashing and burning. He then married Amelia, but they were never really meant to be together long term. All Owen wants is to be married with a family, and it looks like Teddy is the woman who can truly give that to him.

2. Putting Down Roots
We want Teddy to stay in Seattle forever, but the only reason she’ll stay is if she’s with Owen. Now that they’re giving their relationship a shot, Teddy will have to stay and work at Seattle Grace Memorial Hospital. It was sad when Teddy left Seattle a few years ago and we just got used to having her back. Here’s hoping he gives her reason to stay.

1. Sweet Child of Mine
Teddy and Owen will be family forever because they have a child together, so it only makes sense for them to also be in a relationship. Teddy won’t be able to avoid Owen and vice versa, so it’s time for them to get established as a couple. Plus, we’re in the mood for another Grey’s wedding!

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