Five Reasons Meredith and DeLuca Are Perfect on Grey’s Anatomy

Grey's Anatomy Meredith and DeLuca June 24, 2019Grey's Anatomy

Meredith and DeLuca only started dating this past season on Grey’s Anatomy, but they’ve already established themselves as one of the best couples. Despite their age gap, these two truly care about one another and want to see the other happy.

Though they may not last forever, here are five reasons why Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) and DeLuca (Giacomo Gianniotti) are actually perfect for one another.

5. Ah, Italian
OK, this reason is pretty superficial, but you never know when it may come in handy! We can totally see Meredith and DeLuca taking a nice relaxing vacation in Italy. Can’t you?!

4. The Laugh Factor
Following Derek’s passing, Meredith spent a number of years feeling incredibly sad. She didn’t smile much, she didn’t laugh, and she certainly didn’t have very much fun. But, with DeLuca, she’s finally getting back to the old Meredith we love so much.

3. Career Compatibility
Though DeLuca is still a resident, he’s the best resident at the hospital and is certainly on his way to becoming one of the best doctors. Meredith is also very established in her career, so she doesn’t have to spend a lot of time proving herself. Because of this, they can spend time on relationships and romance.

2. Complicated Family Relationships
Meredith’s parents have both passed away, but she knows what it’s like to have difficult relationships with family. DeLuca clearly has a complicated history with both his father and his sister, and Meredith can relate to his struggles.

1. The Kids Are Alright 
It was a scary prospect for Meredith to introduce any man in her life to her kids and while they didn’t exactly go about it in the traditional way, her kids have met him and they approve of Mommy’s new boyfriend. Can’t get a better seal of approval than that!

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