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Five Reasons We Miss Lexie Grey on Grey’s Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy Lexie Grey June 6, 2019Grey’s Anatomy Lexie Grey

We were first introduced to spunky Lexie Grey on Grey’s Anatomy back in Season 4 as she quickly brightened up the hospital with her passion and enthusiasm… but she was just as quickly taken away from us in Season 8.

Her death was obviously emotional for so many reasons — losing her relationships with Mark Sloan (Eric Dane) and sister Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) being two of them… and we wish she could come back. Though she’s been dead for several years, here are five reasons we miss watching Lexie  (Chyler Leigh) on Grey’s Anatomy!

5. Unique Spirit
While many doctors on Grey’s Anatomy walk around like they have a chip on their shoulder, Lexie was always different. She did her best and she cared about her job, but she wasn’t constantly trying to prove she was the greatest doctor to ever live. Her energy was special, and it made her special.

4. We Are Family
It’s no secret Meredith was never close to her parents, so it was nice for her to have a sister around who she actually loved. Though Meredith was cold towards Lexie for a while, they eventually warmed up to each other and really took care of one another. Meredith has Maggie and Amelia now, but it’ll never be the same.

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3. Ah Romance
There have been a lot of cute couples on Grey’s Anatomy, but really no couple was cuter than Lexie and Mark Sloan. Though Lexie was a lot younger than Mark, they both deeply cared about each other and should’ve gotten married. RIP, you two!

2. Big Heart
Much like Izzie Stevens, Lexie cared deeply for her patients. She cried when they got emotional, she was happy when things went well, and she comforted them when they were sad. Her love for the people around her made her so great to watch.

1. Vulnerable To The Core
Again, unlike some of the other doctors, Lexie wasn’t afraid to open her heart. She said how she felt and she let people know she loved them, even if it didn’t always work out. No one can ever say she didn’t wear her heart on her sleeve!

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