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Top Five Moments In Alex and Jo’s Grey’s Anatomy Relationship


After years of being the unstable one, Alex Karev is finally in one of the most stable relationships on Grey’s Anatomy. His sweet romance with Jo Wilson took a couple of seasons to fully get off the ground, but this couple has been going strong as of late.

Though they’re in a bit of a rough patch right now, we have faith they’ll be able to pull through. These two can get through anything! Here are the top five moments in Jolex’s relationship!

Date Crashers
Alex (Justin Chambers) first realizes his feelings for Jo (Camilla Luddington) early in Season 9, which is when he decides to crash one of her dates. Though he’s scared about how he feels towards Jo, it’s the first time he’s really felt this way about somebody since Izzie!

I Love You
After a lot of back and forth and both Jo and Alex being scared, Alex finally tells Jo he loves her at the end of Season 9. It was such a beautiful moment for both characters and it was nice to see them admit to their feelings.

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Elevator Kiss
Alex and Jo had a very steamy makeout session in one of the elevators, which is where all the good stuff goes down, back in Season 14. Jolex have a lot of sweet moments together, but they very rarely get all hot and heavy.

Sweet Proposal
This moment may be one of the sweetest proposals in Grey’s Anatomy history. Jo confronts Alex at their apartment and starts telling him how much she loves him. During the conversation, Alex begins searching for the engagement ring, but Jo already has it on. Then, in a nice little twist, Jo proposes to Alex!

Their Wedding
After years of being hurt and left by women, Alex finally got his happy ending with Jo! Everyone came together to celebrate their beautiful love at the end of Season 14, despite there being a little bit of drama.

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