Five Fast Facts About Special Agent Nick Torres on NCIS

NCIS Nick Torres May 31, 2019NCIS Nick Torres

Nick Torres is a highly skilled undercover agent whose job it is to take down some pretty terrible dirtbags. Though he’s only recently joined NCIS compared to other agents, he’s very focused on his work and pursuing justice, no matter the cost.

From the difficulties of his job to his favorite snack, here are five fast facts about NCIS Special Agent Nick Torres (Wilmer Valderrama).

Countless Identities
Nick originally joined NCIS as a deep undercover agent. He gets sent on long assignments by himself and usually has to become other people in order to take down the bad guys. Because of this, he has had 16 different identities and 22 different home addresses since joining NCIS!

Big Assignment
At the start of Season 14, which was Nick’s first season, his assignment was to investigate Leo Silva, an Argentine businessman. Silva had apparently built a criminal empire in Argentina, so it was Nick’s job to get inside. Undercover as a police captain, he befriended Silvia’s son, David, and had a relationship with his daughter, Elena.

Sociopathic Tendencies
Because he’s spent so much time undercover, a few of the NCIS agents — including Ellie Bishop — believe Nick is a sociopath. But his dedication to catching dirtbags made him worth it all.

All In The Family
Despite going on these long missions, Nick is very close to his family. He is especially close to his sister, Lucia, who joined the Marines. Lucia has a daughter named Amanda and is married to U.S. Navy Commander George Campbell. Silva tampered with Lucia’s vehicle — injuring her and her daughter but it killed her husband, George.

Getting Personal
His NCIS job is very serious, but Nick always manages to remain cool in tense situations and has a sense of humor. Not only that, he carries candy around in his pocket for whenever he gets hungry.

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