Blue Bloods Recap Season 8 Episode 3: A Twisted Death

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Blue Bloods recap for Friday, October 13, season 8, episode 3, titled The Enemy of My Enemy focuses on the powerhouse human trafficker, Chao Lin.

Chao (Tia Carrera) looked fierce wearing orange. In fact, the resilient accused felon took advantage of her jumpsuit’s power color even though she’s behind bars.

After all, this feisty mob boss had averted prosecution for years even if this time she was caught on a technicality, keeping her in the slammer.

The recording of her thugs chopping off a man’s hand due to “lack of respect” got into the wrong (read: law enforcement) hands.

This setback didn’t seem to concern mighty Chao. She believed her tricky lawyer would be able to get the judge to demand that the violent video not be shown in court.

Erin (Bridget Moynanhan) made sure the opposite happened–or did she? After all, His Honor granted the ADA her wish for the show to go on.

Miraculously, tables turned in short order and it looked like Chao would be granted a mistrial. Why? Because Judge Gary Tessler (Thomas Benton) ended up buying it after taking a dive from the top of the building where he lived.

So how come the judge dropped dead, as the jailbird put it, “so to speak”? And why did the judge’s super, Joe Wheeler (Dennis Flanagan), admit to the heinous act?

Seemed Wheeler was blackmailed with threats to his family and Erin was threatened, too. At first, she didn’t tell her family this bit of information.

But, after their weekly dinner, she took Danny (Donny Whalberg) aside to say what happened and asked him to establish the connection between the judge’s murder and Chao.

A trip to Chinatown afforded Danny and Anthony Renzulli (Steve Schirripa) a meeting with Chao’s thugs, reminding them that their boss turned girls into hookers for a living.

Through some very persuasive chatter, the cops managed to get her second in command to talk, promising to let him go free if he made sure Chao went to prison for life.

Turned out Danny lied because, well, family trumps the bad guy/gal and so, once again on Blue Bloods, justice was served.

Blue Bloods airs Fridays at 10 p.m., E.T. on CBS.

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