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Blue Bloods Recap: Long Lost Leah Is Back — Or Is She?

Blue BloodsBlue Bloods

Although not necessarily the lead storyline, Danny Reagan (Donny Whalberg) has a passion for a stale missing person’s case, catching our attention on Blue Bloods’ second episode of season 8.

Cutting to the chase and through a long process, Danny learns a boy he once knew killed his sister, Leah Harris, some 13 years ago. More recently, the murderer paid a hooker substitute (Caroline Pluta)–who looked just like his sister– to fool and impersonate their still-bereft mother.

He kept on the case despite pushback because Danny knew that his late wife, Linda (Amy Carlson), would want to see the family get justice and closure. Worth it? Do you have to ask?

The Oct. 6 episode of Blue Bloods featured several more plots, with one involving big shot Congressman Thomas (Richard Thomas), who is high on immigration reform (or so he says) and who has a woman named Andrea helping him prove his point.

Jamie (Will Estes) and Eddie (Vanessa Ray) became suspicious about their relationship when they witness an altercation while serving as the congressman’s protective detail during a New York City visit.

Their fears come to light after they learn Andrea is not being paid what she was promised (she’s being blackmailed by Thomas) and that’s bad since the money was so that Andrea could be reunited with her family.

Finally, New York Police Commissioner Frank (Tom Selleck) is given an uncomfortable mayoral order: Be part of a parade honoring an alleged bad guy who served time for a conspiracy and ended up in an attack against the police. The family patriarch does attend, but comes back with a big black eye.

Crime drama Blue Bloods airs Fridays on CBS at 10 p.m., ET.

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