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Bachelor In Paradise’s Jenna Cooper Opens Up About Cheating Rumors That Ended Her Relationship With Jordan Kimball

bachelor in paradise jenna cooperbachelor in paradise jenna cooper

Former Bachelor in Paradise star Jenna Cooper is hoping to move on following the serious drama that rocked her former relationship with Jordan Kimball.

For those who have forgotten, Jenna and Jordan got engaged on the Season 5 finale of Bachelor in Paradise. But Jordan called off their engagement after leaked text messages claimed she was cheating on him.

Jenna has always maintained her innocence and says she never cheated on Jordan, and has worked hard over the past few months to clear her name once and for all.

Jenna took to Instagram earlier this week to speak about the scandal.

“Maybe I didn’t handle the situation right. I wish I would’ve had somebody on my side,” she explained in the video.

She also revealed that she “reached out to people who were involved,” but she also said that she never had a boyfriend behind Jordan’s back.

“I didn’t have a boyfriend. I didn’t have a sugar daddy. I wasn’t cheating,” she said.

“I wasn’t doing anything except waiting for the show to be over so we could actually attempt to have a relationship in real life.”

As for the text messages that were sent out, Jenna says they’re fake.

“It’s really hard to prove something that didn’t happen. Maybe I’m not a perfect person. I have my issues,” she said.

“But, I am an extremely loyal person. If I didn’t want to be with someone, I would just break up with them. I wouldn’t cheat on them.”

Though she’s hoping to move on from all the drama, Jenna doesn’t believe she’ll ever get back together with Jordan.

“No, I don’t think we’ll ever get back together. Obviously, the trust is broken there,” she said.

“We probably both didn’t handle it right. It’s sad, but hopefully, we can both move on and be happy.”

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