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A Do-Over? Will’s Death Scene With A New Old Face Is Coming on Days of Our Lives (DOOL)

It’s hard to forget that gruesome death scene that happened two years ago this fall on Days of Our Lives (DOOL).

Will Horton was waiting for the cable guy as a favor to his cousin, Abigail, who had just moved into a new apartment with her boyfriend, Ben. While waiting, Will placed a call to Sonny and left him a heartfelt message while Sonny was taking a break from their marriage in Europe.

He then found a red necktie and deduced that Ben was indeed The Necktie Killer the cops have been after, and when Ben arrived home, he knew Will knew. Will tried to escape, but there was no escape, and we watched from Will’s point of view as Ben strangled him–to death. Or so we thought.

At the time, Guy Wilson played Will, but this week Chandler Massey returns to the role and apparently Will is NOT really, most sincerely dead.

While Lucas (Bryan Dattilo) might think he is only seeing the ghost of his son, he’ll likely be stunned to learn Will is absolutely still alive–and Massey sees nothing unusual about this.

“I guess I can say he’s not a zombie,” Massey told The New York Post. “Soaps have their ways, you know? Will certainly wouldn’t be the first person to come back from the dead. They have a medically plausible explanation.”

We’re definitely looking forward to learning what that medical explanation might be considering we saw him first dragged in a body bag from one apartment building to another, then dead on his own living room floor, and then in the morgue.

Also, Sami (Alison Sweeney) and Lucas apparently made sure someone was buried–unless we learn it was an empty coffin.

However, we’re not quite sure we want to see that horrific death scene again, but it seems we will, as the soap re-shot it with Massey in the role.

“The scenes were very intense and required a lot of energy, but I don’t think it’s weird,” Massey told The Post. ”

“When I first started working on the show, I was a recast. There’s a kid named Dylan [Patton], who played Will before me, and there were a bunch of Wills before him. So that’s just kind of how it goes, you know? ”

Then again, we guess we’re morbidly curious to see how this all turns out, but we’ll have to wait and tune in.

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