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That Dirty Rat: Will Abigail Learn Dario’s Lying To Her Before They Wed?

Abby and Dario on Days of Our LivesAbby and Dario on Days of Our Lives

She’s in love with one man, but contemplating marrying another. Is it any wonder that Abigail is having serious reservations about tying the knot with Dario on Days of Our Lives (DOOL)?

“Abigail feels like she owes this to Dario,” explains Marci Miller (Abigail). “She wants to help him, because he’s helped her. But at the same time her sense of right and wrong is going off. She kind of doesn’t want to do it.”

Searching for the Truth
So she asks Raines to look into Dario’s story; specifically his claim that he’s about to be deported.

“She’s skeptical, because it all seems like bizarre timing,” says Miller. “She’s asked Chad (Billy Flynn) for a divorce. She knows that Dario has expressed that he’s in love with her.

“Then, the deportation thing just comes out of nowhere. It seems pretty extreme, and it’s asking a lot of a friend. So she wants to cover all of her bases.

“Dario has some dark history,” continues Miller. “Abigail’s aware of that, and she’s a smart girl.

“She wants to make sure there’s nothing weird going on, that all of this is legit and there really is a hit out on Dario in Mexico. She wants to make sure that Dario’s whole story is actually true.”

Pressure Mounting
After getting things somewhat confirmed by Raines, Abigail finds herself in a quandary.
“There is a certain amount of pressure on her, because Dario has presented this as a life and death situation,” notes Miller.

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“He brings it up a lot, so it’s always consistent pressure. He keeps asking, ‘Will you do this?’ Then, he slips in on the back end, ‘You know you don’t have to do this. I’d totally understand.’ He tries to appear good-natured, like her concerns are his utmost priority, when that’s totally not the case.”

Liar, Liar
The reality is that Dario could handle all this another way.

“He’s doesn’t have to get married,” points out Miller. “He could fulfill his deportation requirements in other ways. But he has chosen to use this opportunity to appeal to Abigail and, potentially, make her fall in love with him.”

Regarding Chad…
In the interim, Abigail’s true love Chad’s plane has gone missing and she has to deal with that, too.

“Abigail chooses not to freak out,” says Miller. “They haven’t found the plane. There’s no evidence of a crash landing or anything like that. She’s not allowing herself to go to the place of, Oh my gosh. The love of my life might be dead. It would be too much for her to handle [added to] the potential of marrying Dario.”

The fact that she just asked Chad for a divorce only adds to her stress.

“She hates that,” admits Miller. “But, then again, in Abigail’s mind, Chad is coming back. She’s holding onto that and just want to see him home, alive and well.”

And while Abigail’s concern and feelings for Chad may frustrate Dario, “it’s not outward,” insists Miller. “Dario knows…continue reading on the next page —>

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