Which DAYS Character Are You?

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Almost everyone on Days of Our Lives has had an evil twin pop up when they least expect it. But why should those twins be limited to Salem? Why can’t they be out there in the “real” world? We asked almost 5000 of you: Which DAYS character do you relate to most? And the answers proved downright surprising!

That’s Too Chad
For 34% of you, Chad (Billy Flynn) is the doppelganger you see in the mirror.

You’re quirky, you’re funny, you’re sexy, and you’re super-romantic… towards women both dead and alive. Chad is who you are… or, at least, who you hope to grow up to be.


The Doctor Is In
Another role model worth striving to become is Kayla (Mary Beth Evans). For 31% of you, this devoted doctor, mother, sister, and friend is totally how you see yourselves.

Plus, having a romance novel-style heartthrob willing to do anything to make her happy, doesn’t hurt, either. Kayla already is the grown up so many of us would like to someday become.

You Gotta Have Hope
It’s a tie! As many of you that relate to Kayla, a nearly equal number are into Hope (Kristian Alfonso).

She’s a tough cop, a caring mom, and, most days of the week, she’s drowning in men fighting for the opportunity to throw themselves in front of a bullet for her.

Of course, at the moment, she’s also in jail. But her crime was a public service…continue reading on the next page —>

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