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What Ever Happened To Days of our Lives Villain Andre DiMera?

What Happened To Days of Our Lives Andre DiMeraWhat Happened To Days of Our Lives Andre DiMera

Andre DiMera – this Days of our Lives character looked every bit the part of a gentleman. But that was only because he’d stolen someone else’s face!

Andre DiMera – Early Days

Not only did Andre acquiesce to Stefano’s demand that he undergo extensive plastic surgery that would make him the spitting image of Tony, but he also set about eliminating threats to Stefano’s existence.

Among the many assassinated persons were Trista Evans Bradford, Kelly Chase, and Daisy Hawkins. Andre murdered the latter while sporting a latex mask that made him appear to be Roman Brady.

Andre also found himself privy to Tony’s incarceration inside a secret room in his penthouse – all the better for Andre to assume his identity – and he was further charged with obtaining a talisman that belonged to the Bradford family.

Though it took incredible effort, Andre did succeed in liberating “the Balka” from Eugene – whom he and Stefano then attempted to drive insane!

While masquerading as Tony, Andre acquainted himself with the man’s former wife, Anna. But when she uncovered the scheme – and located the real Tony – Andre imprisoned her as well.

Fearing that their plan would soon unravel, Stefano initiated its final phase. Andre, after planting a bomb inside the theatre hosting the Salem University Hospital charity event, would once again don his Roman mask and kill Marlena!

The scheme, however, backfired spectacularly. And though Andre was able to escape the oncoming cops, he was severely injured in a duel with Tony.

With the aide of Delia, Stefano’s henchwoman, Andre fled his hospital room. He surfaced again the following year. And this time, he was out to gather the three prisms that had so interested so many other Salemites.

In order to gain his prize, Andre stowed away on a private airplane carrying the likes of Tony, Anna, Bo, Hope, and Calliope Jones (who unwittingly possessed one of the prisms). His sudden appearance – replete with a firearm – caused the aircraft’s pilot to suffer a heart attack!

The plane eventually crashed landed on an island, and Andre used the subsequent confusion to impersonate Tony. When he was eventually outed, he and Tony engaged in another duel – but this time, bamboo sticks replaced the sabers.

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Tony emerged triumphantly. Andre fell prey to quicksand. Or so everyone believed. In truth, he was rescued, and after working with Stefano to strand Tony on yet another island, Andre once again assumed his identity.

The Lovelorn 90s and Terrible 2000s

As Tony, Andre returned to Salem and battled John for the affections of Kristen Blake. He succeeded in guilting her into marriage – it was, after all, Stefano’s dying wish that his adopted daughter marry Tony – but his machinations, which included faking blindness and tampering with her birth control, led to a divorce.

Afterward, Andre learned that he was suffering from a fatal blood disease that would soon claim his life. Deciding to take advantage of the situation, Andre faked his death and allowed John to be arrested and tried for his “murder.”

Years later, Andre (still under the auspice of Tony) revealed himself to be alive and well – the blood disease had been a ruse orchestrated by Stefano. Once firmly ensconced in town, Andre attempted to ingratiate himself to Marlena, with whom he believed he shared twins Rex and Cassie.

When that was proven to be false (another lie told by Stefano), Andre worked to create a fictitious serial killer the police dubbed the Salem Stalker. Once he acquired a number of “victims” and had successfully convinced Marlena that she was the perpetrator, Andre spirited them all away to a tropical island.

There he revealed his dirty deed and then faked his death yet again. Andre’s subsequent crimes included harvesting John’s kidney (and giving it to Stefano), faking Lexie Carver’s death, attempting to kill Bo and Hope, and framing Shawn Brady for his death.

Andre DiMera’s Final Days

Andre resurfaced in 2015, intent on claiming the CEO-ship of DiMera Enterprise and quickly proved that he was just as dangerous as ever. First, he attempted to blackmail Aiden Jennings into killing Hope Brady. Then he hired a man to do it for him. After, he brainwashed Chad into doing his bidding and attempted to murder Hope and Rafe.

A relationship with Kate Roberts momentarily soothed his more outrageous impulses, but he was soon up to his old tricks. So it came as no surprise when he was found bludgeoned to death inside his office.

But who could the culprit be? A furious Gabi whom he forced out of the company she created? A grieving Anna? A betrayed Kate? Or perhaps his latest partner-in-crime, Vivian Alamain?

No, instead Andre’s murderer was Abigail Devereaux, who claimed self-defense. Days of Our Lives airs weekdays on NBC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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