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Does Tripp Deserves Claire’s Wrath on Days of Our Lives?

Claire and Tripp Days of Our Lives February 4Claire and Tripp Days of Our Lives

Claire is one angry young lady on Days of Our Lives, but she takes her anger out in a most unique way. She likes to start fires. Deadly ones. If someone does her wrong, they’re going to pay for it and BURN — quite literally — at least in Claire’s warped little mind.

Her last fire victims were Haley (Thia Megia) and Tripp (Lucas Adams). They both made it out alive, but Haley was deported to China and Tripp broke up with Claire (Olvia Rose Keegan) — again. (Well, this time he learned she did a bad, bad thing.)

Tripp never considers Claire’s feelings now, does he? But, does that mean he deserves Claire’s wrath? What more than 2,000 of you answered:

Tripp did decide to wed a girl he just met only to keep her from being supported and then told Claire he might have to stay married to her for several years with Claire on the side, but heck no, he doesn’t deserve to be set on fire for this, say 87% of you. Nobody does.

Guys can be jerks and yes, Tripp was a jerk to Claire. But, that’s no reason for someone to go all pyromaniac and homicidal on them. Claire needs to keep it in check — or at the very least get some mental help — fast.

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Surprisingly, 13% of you feel that being a pyromaniac is cathartic. Ok, maybe not in real life, but this is a soap. What Claire has done with her rage against Tripp and anyone who has wronged her is some fantastic soap opera, so go ahead and keep starting fires, Claire.

Why take this so seriously? Sure, nobody really wants to see Tripp die at Claire’s hands (we assume), but watching Claire wig out and prove herself to be a millennial version of Fatal Attraction works for you. Let’s just hope Tripp doesn’t like bunnies. Days of our Lives (DOOL) airs weekdays on NBC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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