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Three’s A Crowd! Would Theo, Claire, and Tripp Make Good Roommates?

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With Joey, Ciara, and Jade all having moved out of their apartment on Days of Our Lives (DOOL), Theo and Claire need to find a new roommate to help split expenses – pronto!

Claire suggested Tripp as an option, noting that he was going through a tough time and could use his friends around him. Theo was hesitant, noting that Tripp had hurt Joey (James Lastovic) and his family. Claire wondered if it might be something more…

Soap Hub asked about the possibility of the Salem teens embarking on a Three’s Company living arrangement. Over 3,500 of you shared your thoughts.

No, It Won’t Work
The bulk of you, some 73%, say that Theo, Claire, and Tripp (Lucas Adams) absolutely won’t work as roommates, and the reason is simple.

Theo clearly appears to be jealous of Claire (Olivia Rose Keegan) and Tripp’s budding friendship. His reaction to finding the two hugging was a tad over the top.

Theo may insist that he just wants to be pals with Claire, but there’s obviously more to his feelings for her. Adding Tripp to their living situation would just complicate things.

Yes, It’s A Perfect Solution
Meanwhile, 27% of you would love to see Tripp move in with Theo (Kyler Pettis) and Claire. He doesn’t have any other friends in town and needs people his own age around him. You think Tripp’s a good guy.

While he made a big mistake trying to set up Kayla (Mary Beth Evans), in the end he realized it, came clean, and apologized. He deserves a second chance. Claire’s willing to give him one, and Theo should be, too. Plus, it totally solves their roommate problem.

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