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The 5 Best Things About Lucas Being Back on the Front Burner

Lucas’ love life is in shambles and he’s fallen off the wagon, which, ironically, is great news for Days of Our Lives (DOOL) star Bryan Dattilo.

It means the actor is back on the Salem front burner. While fans of Dattilo are sad to watch his character suffer, they’re thrilled to see more of him onscreen on a daily basis.

Here are the five best things about Lucas being back on the front burner.

Riled Up and Raging
It’s been a while since Dattilo got to play drunk, riled up, and raging. Now that he’s been given the chance, he’s giving it his all, interspersing his performances with the perfect blend of anger, hopelessness and a touch of comedy.

He keeps inebriated Lucas interesting, particularly in his scenes with Bonnie/Adrienne (Judi Evans).

Mother vs. Son
Is there anything better or more realistic than the mother/son spats between Lucas and Kate? After nearly 20 years of working together, Dattilo and Lauren Koslow have developed a real bond that resonates in their scenes.

Watching Kate chastise Lucas for his bad behavior and decisions, and Lucas yell back that her insults and disappointment are what drive him to drink is must-see TV.

The Maggie Factor
Lucas’ increased battle to walk away from the bottle mean the probability of more airtime with Maggie (Suzanne Rogers), his AA sponsor.

The duo’s special relationship often gets lost in the shuffle at DAYS. Any chance to see them interact and Maggie offer Lucas the words of wisdom and compassion he craves from Kate are always compelling.

Sister Act
Jennifer’s (Melissa Reeves) concern for her little brother has also stepped up during this dramatic storyline turn. The prospect of her reaching out to help Lucas, particularly after her own battle with pill addiction, provides a common ground for the siblings.

She can relate to his struggles, while offering her support and love in a totally nonjudgmental way.

The Ex Factor
Bringing Lucas’ ex-wife Chloe (Nadia Bjorlin) back into the mix has been a nice touch. Although their marriage failed miserably, the pair have managed to retain a friendship.

It’s nice to see Chloe reach out and try to help Lucas, especially since he doesn’t really have any guy friends to turn to. And it’s a great use of their history.

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