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Sweet Caroline: Was Caroline’s Memorial Was Done Well on Days of Our Lives?

Mary Beth Evans and Peggy McCay Days of Our LIvesMary Beth Evans and Peggy McCay Days of Our LIves

Two weeks ago, Days of Our Lives presented a special memorial tribute to beloved Brady family matriarch Caroline. The episode also served as a love letter to actress Peggy McCay who had played Caroline for over 30 years before passing.

Members of the Brady family, past and present, as well as close friends,  gathered at the Brady pub to eulogize Caroline and raise a glass in her honor. For many critics, the episode provided a cathartic experience that served to celebrate both a fan favorite actress and her character.

But what did you, the fans, think about the special episode? Did you think the tribute was a well-choreographed affair or was it to flawed to get your stamp of approval? Here’s what 5,000 voters had to say:

Three Cheers!
The majority of you seemed to be very pleased with what the writers were able to pull off. In total there were 73% of you who were happy with what you saw on screen. One of the biggest surprises was the tender moments shared between Victor (Caroline’s former lover) and his former daughter in law Hope.

Thumbs Down
However, there were still many who found the episode severely lacking. In fact, 27% of you gave the special a thumbs down. The three biggest complaints were the brevity of the tribute, the lack of returning favorites, and the absence of classic clips to illustrate Caroline’s importance in the story.

Many of the naysayers believed that the special should have been given at least TWO episodes. One was simply not enough. And while you thought it was great to see Carrie you wanted to know where Caroline’s other family members were. No Kimberly and no Theresa? That was a bad move.

You also wondered where in the world were Caroline’s in-laws. Surely Sonny (her great-grandson-in-law) and his parents, Justin and Adrienne would have been there. The final complaint was the lack of flashbacks.

The head writer revealed that they had planned include eight clips but they were cut for time. Just another example of why the event should have been covered in more than one episode. Days of Our Lives airs weekdays on NBC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

Video Credit: GlorifiedWashcloth

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