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DAYS Spoilers Speculation: Leo Seduces Dimitri To Protect Gwen

Who will win in this DAYS triangle?

days spoilers speculation wonders if leo might seduce dimitri.Leo might take Dimitri for the team.

Even without DAYS spoilers, we know what Leo thinks of Dimitri — the royal rat is playing Gwen, and that he is really, really hot. So how can Leo put those two things together in order to protect his best buddy and have a little fun in the process? There is obviously only one solution!

DAYS Spoilers Speculation

Remember when Chad (Billy Flynn) stepped up to seduce Leo (Greg Rikaart) to prove that he was only using Craig (Kevin Spirtas) for his money? Leo let that little scenario play out until he’d had his fun. Well, why not a bit of turnabout is fair play? Leo is sure that Dimitri (Peter Porte) is just using Gwen (Emily O’Brien). Leo thinks it’s for good press coverage. We know it’s for far more than that. But, in the end, Leo is still right.

Days of our Lives: Show Not Tell

Leo has also been known to compliment Dimitri’s abs — even as he disparages him as a person. We know he does not find Dimitri repulsive. Well, at least not physically.

So it would hardly be a personal hardship for Leo to try and get a much, much closer gander at those abs. Especially if it’s in the service of proving to his Gwennie that Dimitri isn’t in love with her as he claims.

DAYS Spoilers: St. Leo

Leo’s first priority is Gwen. We actually do believe that. But Leo has never given passed up an opportunity to please Leo. We believe that, too.

This is a perfect killing two-birds-with-one-stone scenario. Only here, one bird is Gwen’s happiness, and the other is Leo’s bit o’fun with a painfully sexy man. Who said all sacrifices should be painful? Not our Leo, that’s for sure! It’s what any pal would do for another.

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