If Leo Stark Is The Smartest Man In Salem, Days of our Lives Is In Trouble

Why is Leo the only one who can see through Dimiti these Days?

leo stark days of our lives.Leo Stark.

On any given episode of Days of our Lives, Leo Stark has about as much sense as god gave a goose. A very dumb goose. He goes barreling into situations he doesn’t belong in, aggravating powerful enemies, and pretending his opinions are relevant. But, when it came to warning Gwen away from Dimitri, Leo proved that he actually does have two brain cells to rub together. And that is a very, very scary proposition.

Days of our Lives: I Can See Clearly Now

While Gwen (Emily O’Brien) couldn’t stop schoolgirl crushing on how well she and Dimitri (Peter Porte) got along, how much they had in common, and what a vibe they had together — even while fully clothed — Leo felt obliged to point out to his bestie that the royal rascal might have an ulterior motive. Isn’t she even a little bit suspicious as to why he’s playing it so Prince Charming? The man has a terrible, terrible reputation. He’s a horrible guy, and Gwen just gave a quick polish to with her tongue-bath of an article.

DAYS: Strong, Independent Woman

Gwen was offended that Leo (Greg Rikaart) might question her journalist integrity. Why, she’s been a member of the Fourth Estate for weeks now. Ever since she blackmailed the newspaper away from her father. What’s more chock-full of integrity than that? She’s a professional! And, she can’t be fooled!

Days of our Lives: Eyes Wide Open

Except, we know that Gwen is being fooled — and played. And, Leo knows it, too. It is very impressive — and, a very bad sign. Because, if Leo is currently the most intelligent person in Salem, we are all in a lot of trouble.

Sure, Leo might be the hero this time. And, since he is genuinely concerned about Gwen, he deserves to be. But, we can’t make a habit of this. Leo won’t be right all the time. If everyone else isn’t even up to his intellectual standards, then we are all DOOMED.

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