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Soap Hub Performer of the Week for Days of our Lives: Stacy Haiduk

Stacy Haiduk Performer of the WeekStacy Haiduk Performer of the Week

Stacy Haiduk – this week’s recipient of Soap Hub’s Performer of the Week Award – is so good at being bad that it’s criminal.

Stacy Haiduk — Performer of the Week

Her Kristen has gotten into some seriously hot water. She’s pretty sure that’s she murdered Kate Roberts (Lauren Koslow), and she knows for certain that she has Horton, a Brady, “and a slut,” that she needs taken care of.

And since she doesn’t want all that blood on her conscience, Kristen paid Xander (Paul Telfer), her former partner-in-crime a visit. Kristen leveled with Xander and offered ample compensation for ridding her of her…complications. But Xander played hardball.

He’s trying really hard to turn over a new leaf, and killing three people – and maybe a fourth if the job Kristen did on Kate turned out to be botched – wasn’t exactly in keeping with what a good man does.

Besides, Kristen doesn’t even like him. Why should he do her a favor? Well, said Kristen, her back stiffening, her eyes bulging, and her voice raised. If it hadn’t been for Xander and his uncle playing God with her life, perhaps she wouldn’t be in her current predicament. So, even though she does admittedly hate Xander’s, “lousy guts,” she’s willing to let him make amends…and make some easy money in the process.

More quibbling followed; the duo was interrupted not once, but twice. Finally, they came to an agreement, and Xander set off to commit his foul. deed.

Conversely, Kristen donned her go-to disguise – Susan Banks not so chic – and headed out the door…only to run smack dab into her former gal pal Lani Price (Sal Stowers). And just like that, the jig was up. Or was it?

Kristen agreed to quietly accompany Lani to the police station – after she’d been properly introduced to the twins that Lani birthed. And for just a split second, while Kristen sat passively in the interrogation room, it appeared that she might actually be contrite, and ready to take her accountability seriously.

But then Kristen dropped her bombshell. “I’m not going back to Statesville, because, if that were to happen, no one would ever see Chloe Lane again.”

To borrow, and then embellish a famous Mae West quotation, “When Haiduk gets to play virtuous Kristen, she’s very good…but when she gets to unleash Kristen’s inner She-Devil, she’s better.” Days of our Lives (DOOL) airs weekdays on NBC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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