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Run Off: Will It Be Jack Or Melinda on Days Of Our Lives?

Jack and Melinda Days of Our LivesJack and Melinda Days of Our Lives

The unnamed “Party” on Days Of Our Lives is poised to drop Melinda Trask and run Jack Devaraux for mayor against incumbent Abe Carver.

Melinda (Laura Kai Chen) is Salem’s hard-driving ex-district attorney, who got bad-mouthed every time she arrested a friend or relative of a Horton, a Brady, a DiMera, or a Kiriakis. Which is, you know, everybody.

Eve (Kassie DePaiva) exposed the fact that Melinda’s sister, Hayley (Thia Megia) was an illegal immigrant. (What she really should have exposed is that a lawyer like Melinda didn’t figure out that both her and Hayley’s problem could have been solved years ago with either a student or a Special Talents visa.)

So “the Party” dumped Melinda and turned their attention towards Jack (Matthew Ashford), who has amnesia. Which makes him a blank slate. What “Party” wouldn’t love that?

But, who would you rather vote for in this primary – with the understanding that Abe (James Reynolds) will obviously win in the general election since the man appears to be teflon, and no matter how badly his office screws up, nobody cares. (Sounds familiar, but at least he’s still Honest Abe.)

Almost 5,000 civic minded citizens weighed in:

Jack Of All Trades
We’ve got Jack’s back, 76% of you assert. Sure, he has past experience running for office. Shame he doesn’t remember any of it. And, sure, he has skeletons in his closet. Including, you know, raping Kayla (Mary Beth Evans). But, then again, that only qualifies him more for political office. (Right?)

The fact is, you like him, and you want him to win. That’s how all elections go. Issues, shmissues.

Resumes Rule
A smaller number, 24%, would vote for Melinda. The biggest strike against her – save trying to protect a kid sister with nowhere else to go – is that she did her job in the DA’s office without making special concessions for pretty, sad people. And that’s unforgivable in Salem.

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