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Xander Cook and Gwen Rub Their Togetherness In Sarah’s Face

The DAYS recap for Thursday, February 2, 2023: Xander wanted his ex to know exactly what he’s been doing.

days of our lives recap for thursday, february 2, 2023 gwen and a treat bearing xander cook stare ahead at sarahGwen Rizczech and Xander Cook face off against Sarah

On today’s Days of our Lives, Xander Cook made a point of telling his soon-to-be-ex-wife what he got up to the night before and who he did it with.

Days of our Lives Recap Highlights

Aside from Xander’s tacky update, there was Chanel (Raven Bowens) getting the wrong end of the stick, Wendy (Victoria Grace) doing her best to boost Tripp’s (Lucas Adams) spirits, and an awkward breakfast had a Casa Johnson. Now, let’s dig a little deeper into what exactly happened.

Xander Cook Rubs It In

Hallelujah, Sarah has seen the light! Not only does she want to tear her and Xander’s (Paul Telfer) divorce papers to shreds, but she wants to make love to him atop them. PSYCH! That was all Xander’s dream.

In the real world, Sarah still wants nothing to do with him, and it’s Gwen (Emily O’Brien), whom Xander wakes up to. She’ll do. Sure, she’s no Sarah, and Xander’s not sure that he actually loves Gwen, but she’ll do. And besides, Xander’s no fool. He knows that Gwen loves him unconditionally — unlike Sarah — and that’s not something he’s just going to ignore.

days of our lives recap has xander in his underwear talking to a dressed gwen
Xander Cook is having an important conversation with Gwen…in his underwear.

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Xander also isn’t planning on letting Gwen get away. No, not in a creepy way, but in a, he’d really appreciate it if she stayed with him in motel hell rather than join Leo (Greg Rikaart) at the Salem Inn. Also, he’d like to treat her to breakfast. But it will have to be cheap. Real cheap. The only money that he has left to his name he found between the couch cushions. Still, that will be enough to get a bite at Sweet Bits.

And while waiting outside the bakery for her morning treat — and debating whether or not she’s doing the right thing — who should Gwen run into — literally! — but Sarah? Neither one are particularly happy to see the other. Small talk — catty bitchery? — invariably turns to Xander’s bed, and Gwen delights in letting Sarah know that that is where she spent the previous night.

Nuh uh, argues Sarah. Oh yes, assures Xander. Well damn, says Sarah’s face. She did not see that coming. Well, she kind of did, but she didn’t expect it to happen so soon.

DOOL Recap: Paulina Price Gives Chanel The Business

Scrambled eggs, pancakes, and orange juice — not exactly the breakfast of champions, but a necessary fortification against Paulina’s (Jackée Harry) tough-love tactics…and Chanel needed all the help she could get.

It’s not so much that Paulina is on Allie’s (Lindsay Arnold) side — she’ll forever be Chanel’s number one defender –but she does see Allie’s side. Chanel might not have kissed Johnny (Carson Boatman), but she readily admits that she wanted to — that’s a red flag. And sure, Allie hasn’t been treating Chanel right as of late, but the girl is in mourning after losing both of her grandmothers back-to-back.

When it comes right down to it, it’s Chanel who’s going to have to make the first move…and that move is showing up for Allie, taking whatever is thrown at her (metaphorically speaking, that is), and letting it roll right off of her. Sound advice, Mama!

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Alex Takes A Walk Of Shame And Allie Has Some ‘Splaining To DO

Couch surfer Wendy woke up to quite the sight and sound: Allie leading Alex (Robert Scott Wilson) out of the apartment and apologizing for him losing his undies.

When caught out, Allie swears that nothing untoward happened between her and her one-time threesome mate. They got drunk the night before and retired to separate bedrooms to sleep it off. As for Alex’s underwear, Allie doesn’t know how/why/or even when the garment went missing. Wendy believes Allie, doesn’t she? Of course, she does! Great! Smashing! Super!

In that same vein, Allie warns that Wendy had better steer clear of Johnny. That dude is just the worst. A player if there ever was one. Wendy would be MUCH better off if she never saw him again, trust Allie.

days of our lives recap has chanel holding up alex's underwear to allie
Chanel Dupree is not happy to find Alex’s underwear.

DAYS Recap: Excuses, Excuses We Hear Them Everyday

Chanel is back to stay at her and Allie’s apartment, and she’s ready to work things out between them…and then she finds Alex’s underwear. Surprisingly, she’s not up to sticking around after that, no matter how fervently Allie tries to explain away the very damning evidence.

A Friend In Need Is A Friend Indeed

Tripp’s no good, very bad day — which seemed capped by a visit to a now catatonic Ava (Tamara Braun) — suddenly took a turn for the all-right when Wendy offered a listening ear and a shoulder to lean on. For her part, Wendy was thrilled to hear that Tripp would be sticking around Salem for the long run.

days of our lives recap wendy shin is happy talking to tripp johnson
Wendy Shin is happy Tripp isn’t leaving.

DOOL Recap: At First Blush

To be clear, and because Stephanie (Abigail Klein) needs to hear him say it, Chad (Billy Flynn) doesn’t regret spending the night nor spending the majority of the night making love. It’s just…a lot to process.

Stephanie understands. Besides, she knows it was probably a lot to process, given that she’s the first woman he’s slept with, aside from his late wife, in quite some time. Not exactly true, confesses Chad, who then details his drunken fling with Gwen. But Stephanie doesn’t judge him.

Surprisingly, Steve (Stephen Nichols) also doesn’t judge the youngsters when they emerge from Stephanie’s bedroom. In fact, he makes them some eggs. It’s appropriately awkward, but they all appreciate the effort.

days of our lives recap steve doesn't judge chad and stephanie having slept together
Steve Johnson seems okay that his daughter had Chad DiMera overnight.

After parting ways, Stephanie surprises herself by being curious as to what exactly is inside the letter that Alex wrote her, and Chad is surprised when Alex offers curt congratulations for his and Stephanie’s upgraded relationship status.

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