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Why Paulina Price’s Big DAYS Sacrifice Is Completely Meaningless

Even if she refuses to see it.

Days of our Lives Paulina Price Carver

You’ve got to hand it to Paulina Price Carver on Days of our Lives. The woman never says die. Or admits she’s made a mistake. Or learns from it. Her brilliant plan for getting out of the charge that she pulled strings to get her daughter’s murder charge dismissed was to…ask Abe Carver to pull strings to get her own charge dismissed. Way to prove your innocence!

Paulina Price: Wifely Duties

But that wasn’t all. While Paulina (Jackee Harry) was pouting that Abe’s (James Reynolds) stupid, stubborn political colleagues would bend the law for her, Abe got a call from the City Council. Seems they don’t love the idea of their Mayor being married to a Governor-Elect currently sitting in lock-up. They would like Abe to resign in order to keep the party from looking…even worse than it already does.

Well, Paulina wasn’t having that! She grabbed the phone and informed the City Council (were all of them on speaker-phone together?) that Abe wasn’t about to resign! And then told Abe that she would step down, instead. Isn’t she a wonderful, supportive, brilliant wife?

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Days of our Lives: We’re Not There Yet

That was dramatic. If ultimately pointless. Let’s get real, here. Paulina was never going to be sworn is as Governor while she was under indictment. That ship has long sailed. She’d already lost that job, whether or not she’d officially resigned.

At the same time, do we really think the City Council would be more comfortable with a Mayor whose Governor-Elect wife had stepped down due to criminal charges, versus a Mayor whose wife is just up on criminal charges? Either way, Abe’s political career is ruined. Paulina can pat herself on the back for her grand gesture, but does anyone care? Then again, even covering up for Chanel Dupree (Raven Bowens), Paulina did for herself and her ego. So why should this be any different?

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