Paulina Price and Stephanie Get A Huge Shock At The Office

DAYS recap for Wednesday, March 22, 2023: Someone’s been riffling through Paulina’s things.

days of our lives recap for wedneday, march 22 2023 stephanie and a horrified paulina priceStephanie and Paulina Price survey the latter's ransacked office.

On today’s Days of our Lives, Paulina Price’s opinion that everything was coming up roses was put to the immediate test and failed to hold up.

Days of our Lives Recap Highlights

In addition, warring cousins Alex (Robert Scott Wilson) and Xander fought over Gwen, Kristen goaded Chloe (Nadia Bjorlin) into making a really rather unfortunate slip of the tongue, and Brady Black (Eric Martsolf) played hardball to get what he wanted. Now, let’s dig a little deeper into what exactly happened.

Paulina Price And Stephanie Get Quite The Surprise

Stephanie (Abigail Klein) awoke to the pleasing sight of Chad (Billy Flynn) bringing her breakfast in bed, and the pair relished in realizing that this was the morning after her first official sleepover at Horton house.

days of our lives recap for march 22, 2023 has stephanie getting breakfast in bed from chad
Chad DiMera surprised Stephanie with breakfast in bed.

Chad preened that he was a very lucky man. Lucky to not only have Stephanie in his life but lucky that she chose to forgive him after he went and popped off at Leo (Greg Rikaart) and aired Stephanie’s dirty laundry. Steph granted Chad that he was only trying to defend her and that she did overreact a smidge in the aftermath. But something good did come out of their first fight and that was all the time they spent making up.

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Opposite this, Paulina (Jackée Harry) insisted on ordering herself and Abe (James Reynolds) a morning feast at the Pub as they had much to celebrate — namely that “Sloan ‘The Devil Herself’ Petersen” is out of their lives FOREVER. Abe, however, grew concerned when Paulina relayed Sloan’s latest threat.

Paulina wouldn’t be deterred. After saying, “The biggest mistake that we made was even giving [Sloan] one drop of our energy to feed off of,” she declared that it was time to move on…and she knows the perfect way to do it: a press release will be issued, far and wide, informing all the interested parties that Paulina Price is back in business and better than ever.

To that end, Paulina summoned Chad and Stephanie, who got themselves in front of her pronto, and gave them their marching orders. Rather than dismiss them out of hand though, Paulina first floated the idea of her and Steph returning to the office so that they could re-up her contract to ensure that SJPR handles all of Paulina’s publicity needs moving forward.

Steph happily agreed, and the two set off, leaving Abe and Chad behind to chat about love, loss, and rediscovered happiness. At Price headquarters, Paulina playfully extracted from Steph a confession that Chad has been “lighting up her days” as well as her nights! Upon entering Paulina’s private domain, she and Steph were thrown to see that the room had been turned over. What fresh Hell is this?

DAYS Recap: A Lady Much In Demand

After swiping Xander’s piping hot cup of Joe right out of his hand, a drowsy Leo delighted in telling him that Gwen (Emily O’Brien) and Alex had spent yet another amorous evening together. This did not please Xander in the slightest, but Leo was quick to point out that Xander had the opportunity to be with Gwen and passed.

In the meantime, Gwen and Alex *ahem* enjoyed each other’s company immensely before deciding that they should finally part. After all, they’ve both got jobs to attend to. Alex, in particular, has a meeting that he can’t be late for.

days of our lives recap for march 22, 2023 has gwen in bed putting her finger to alex's lips
Don’t speak, Alex Kiriakis.

So, out the door they head, arm-in-arm, and who should they run into but Xander? Once Xander had queried how Gwen feels post-hookup with Salem’s “most notorious man-slut,” he turned to Alex and growled, “What’s it like lapping up a hot serving of my sloppy seconds?”

The contentious convo devolved into fisticuffs, and Gwen was forced to referee. After Alex took his leave, Gwen blasted Xander for his actions and his hurtful words and informed bluntly, “What I do with Alex is none of your bloody concern!”

At Titan, after earlier having encouraged a hurting Brady to go to an AA meeting, a peeved Maggie took in the sight of a blood-splattered, black-eyed Alex, groused that she’d be taking the meeting on her lonesome, then promised/threatened that the two of them would soon be having a conversation about his future at the company.

A soothing balm in the form of Gwen made Alex feel much, much better, and emboldened him to affirm that he had no desire to end their association — Xander and everyone else be damned!

DOOL Recap: Out Of The Mouths Of A Babe

Chloe began her day by accepting a collect call from Statesville and getting an earful of venom from perennial rival Kristen (Stacy Haiduk). Paramount to the villainess was getting across the point that Chloe should well and truly keep her distance from Brady.

Chloe, in turn, registered a complaint about Kristen’s poisoning wee Rachel (Finley Rose Slater) against her and wound up warning that, “Your sweet Rachel is now a little monster, and if you and Brady aren’t careful, she’s going to grow up to become just as deranged as her mother!”

That little exchange was overheard by none other than Leo, AKA Lady Whistleblower, and he made clear his intention to add it to his latest column. Chloe offered to bribe him. Anything he wanted was his. And what Leo wanted was one of everything from Basic Black’s latest men’s line.

Chloe complied, with an assist from Nicole (Arianne Zucker), but as soon as the garments were delivered, Leo published his scoop! So much for “show me the swag, and my tongue won’t wag.”

At the end of her tether, Chloe sought comfort in Xander’s understanding arms — an act that’s not going to exactly endear her to Brady, who was concurrently busying himself with strongarming/blackmailing Kristen into, in the simplest of terms, writing a letter of recommendation on Chloe’s behalf to Rachel. The price she’d pay if she refused? Zero access to Rachel. Talk about playing hardball!

days of our lives recap for march 22, 2023 has xander comforting chloe
Xander comforted Chloe Lane.

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