Happily DAYS Ever After: Is There a Future For Alex Kiriakis and Gwen?

Can this Salem one night stand turn into a lifetime?

days of our lives future for gwen rizczech and alex kiriakisCould Gwen and Alex Kiriakis have a future?

Alex and Gwen just shared a one-night stand on Days of our Lives. He had a whole bunch of adjectives to describe how great it was. She…can’t quite summon up any relevant details. Leo is totes sads about that. But, despite their mutually drunken state, both seemed relatively pleased the morning after. They had a pretty pleasant conversation. Could that lead to more? As in…a many nights stand?

Days of our Lives Love Connection

No way, 17% of you sneer. Alex (Robert Scott Wilson) is in love with Stephanie (Abigail Klein). And he needs to be faithful to her. Even though she’s already moved on with Chad (Billy Flynn). How else will Alex prove that his love is good and pure if he doesn’t stay celibate? After all, no one else in Salem would ever have sex with someone they didn’t love…while in love with someone else.

DOOL: Better Odds

Then again, an almost equal 18% are offended on behalf of another injured party. That group believes that Gwen (Emily O’Brien) is in love with Xander (Paul Telfer). Sure, she looked like she enjoyed telling him how quickly she replaced him with his same-named cousin between the sheets. But she’s crying on the inside. Gwen could never start a relationship with Alex while Xander is still in her heart. There is no room for Alex…anywhere else.

Days of our Lives: Common Folks like Gwen and Alex Kiriakis

Fabulous idea, a winning 65% of voters cheer. Gwen and Alex have oodles in common. Like….um…blaming other people for their own mistakes! And….um…feeling like the black sheep of their families when all they’ve done is commit a few crimes here and there. Also…getting drunk and having sex with strangers!

Yup, that one is definitely a winner. And a well they can return to over and over again for a long time to come!

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