Nosy Little Rachel Learned A Rather Salacious Secret

DAYS recap for Monday, July 10, 2023: Will blackmail follow?

rachel brady was snooping on leo stark and dimitri on the days of our lives recap for july 10, 2023.Rachel Brady overheard a huge secret.

In today’s Days of our Lives recap, big ole brat Rachel Black stumbled upon quite the adult sight.

Days of our Lives Recap Highlights

In addition, Gwen rubbed her good fortune in Xander’s face, Chad (Billy Flynn) accepted an old proposal, and Alex (Robert Scott Wilson) got a little too close for Stephanie’s (Abigail Klein) comfort. Now, let’s dig a little deeper into what exactly happened.

Days of our Lives Recap: Strange Bedfellows

In Horton Town Square, Gwen proudly showed off her engagement ring to Kristen (Stacy Haiduk) and announced that they’d soon be going from friends to family. Kristen declared that she was…thrilled(?)…yes, thrilled by the news.

Gwen (Emily O’Brien) granted that it was all moving very fast, so she could understand “Auntie Kristen’s” surprise. After flashbacking to Dimitri (Peter Porte) confessing that he was just using Gwen to get his inheritance, Kristen insisted that she wasn’t surprised at all. After all, she knows how important it is to Gwen that she get over Xander (Paul Telfer).

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Gwen balked. This has nothing to do with Xander. Dimitri has really rather swept her off her feet and they’re both crazy for one another. Kristen wished Gwen all the best then took her scurried out of sight.

Back at the DiMera manse, Kristen was horrified to learn that Megan (Miranda Wilson) had escaped from police custody. No sooner had Kristen groused that she wouldn’t be surprised if her sister snuck home and took them all out “one by one” than the door to the tunnels swung open.

But rather than Megan, it was Rachel (Finely Rose Slater) who emerged. She’d ditched camp and come to yell at Mommy. How dare she not bid her farewell! After Kristen relayed how she was held hostage, Rachel forgave her. Then she insisted that she wasn’t returning to either the camp who Brady’s (Eric Martsolf) custody.

Upstairs, Leo (Greg Rikaart) responded to Dimitri’s pass by slapping him — HARD! How dare Dimitri think that persuading Leo to indulge in the pleasures of his flesh would insure his silence! He’s certainly not interested. Not. At. All…until he very much is. Somewhere between Dimitri’s admitting that he was a gay man who played straight when needs must and swearing that he was very much attracted to Leo, Leo decided to indulge…and indulge hard.

Post-lovemaking, Leo floated the idea of him and Dimitri getting married — that way Gwen won’t have to be strung along. No dice! The codicil in his father’s will clearly states Dimitri must hitch himself to a woman.

Despite himself, Leo agreed to not only be quiet about their interlude, but all the interludes to come. Unfortunately for the pair, eavesdropping Rachel made no such promise!

DOOL Recap: Validation Station

At his and Gwen’s shared Spectator office, Xander found his glum mood — and his libido — stimulated by Chloe’s (Nadia Bjorlin) good news, namely that she’d just scored a huge ad buy-in. Xander suggested the two of them celebrate with a bout of spontaneous workplace nookie. Chloe agreed.

Soon the couple were halfway to naked and writhing atop a nearby desk. Enter Gwen who took in the sight and blanched. Chloe wisely took her leave, leaving Xander and Gwen’s mercy.

Gwen momentarily railed at Xander, then waved him off. She doesn’t care whether he’s sleeping with Chloe, Lady GaGa, or “Miss Bloody Piggy.” She’s got other things on her mind — like her engagement.

days of our lives recap for july 10, 2023, has gwen showing xander her ring finger.
Gwen Rizczech gave Xander the finger on Days of our Lives.

Xander wondered if Gwen was sure wedding Dimitri was such a good idea; she was. And even if it wasn’t a good idea, so what? Xander has moved well and truly on, why shouldn’t she? After all this time, she’s found a man who wants to be with her and only her, and she intends to give Dimitri exactly that.

DAYS Recap: Howdy Neighbor

Chad and Stephanie have finally found it — the place where they intend to spend the rest of their lives…together…with his two kids. Oh, it’s going to be fabulous! A real slice of the American Dream.

Day late and a dollar short Brady (Eric Martsolf) didn’t begrudge the couple their happiness or their new apartment, but he did fire his real-estate agent and take Stephanie and Chad’s when offered.

Alex (Robert Scott Wilson), who’d earlier that day packed his bags and bid the Kiriakis mansion [and Maggie] adieu, also didn’t begrudge — but he did delight in snagging a vacant apartment in the same building…directly across the hall from Stephanie and Chad!

days of our lives recap for july 10, 2023, has stephanie finding alex at her door.
Stephanie Johnson got the popular apartment.

The news really rather unsettled the burgeoning couple, Chad more so than Stephanie. [And here Chad had been so looking forward to christening the abode and celebrating his new job at Titan.]

Days of our Lives Recap: Suspicious Mind

Alerted to Rachel’s MIA status, Brady cut a convo with Chloe short and made a beeline for Kristen. Where is their daughter, he bellowed. Kristen made out like she had no idea, but Brady suspected otherwise.

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