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Li Shin Gives Gabi The Chance To Take Her Freedom And Run

The DAYS recap for Wednesday, March 8, 2023: But, of course, Gabi prioritizes business.

days of our lives recap for wednesday, march 8, 2023, gabi and li shinGabi gives considerable consideration to Li's proposal

On today’s Days of our Lives, Li Shin offered his wife the opportunity to cut and run. She did not take him up on it because…reasons.

Days of our Lives Recap Highlights

In addition, Sloan (Jessica Serfaty) got very much under Nicole and Paulina’s (Jackée Harry) skin, Johnny and Wendy (Victoria Grace) began to piece together a vast conspiracy, EJ and Stefan (Brandon Barash) continued their efforts to sabotage one another, and Chanel (Raven Bowens) debated her future. Now, let’s dig a little deeper into what exactly happened.

Li Shin Is Thrown For A Loop

‘What the Hell is going on here…what the Hell do you think you’re doing?!” asked/demanded Li (Remington Hoffman) of Stefan and Gabi (Camila Banus), who were obviously locked in a passionate clinch.

Stefan admitted to kissing the woman he loves…by way of explanation, before adding that Gabi wouldn’t be thanking him for it.

Li was at a loss. What exactly is his rival implying? Well, in simplistic terms, Gabi did everything that she could to dampen Stefan’s ardor.

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Li wasn’t sure what to believe, but Gabi assured him that was correct…finally picking up what Stefan was putting down. Oh yes, she’d said no, no, no, but Stefan pulled her into a kiss anyway. She hated that. She was so very cross at Stefan now.

Good, good, exclaimed an obviously unconvinced Li. And in the same spirit of openness, he took the opportunity to draw his wife’s attention to the so-called “morals clause” in their contract.

“It stipulates that, if at any time during the six months, we are still wed, you commit adultery, our deal becomes null and void, and those shares revert to me.” Got it? Good! Now, let’s blow this (metaphorical) popsicle stand.

Back at their apartment — well, Wendy’s apartment — Gabi informed Li, in no uncertain terms, that she was FURIOUS with him for “stalking her.”

“You asked for six months, and you got six months. That means that we live together, not that you own me!”

Li granted her that, then surprised the both of them by floating the idea that Gabi should just return his shares in DiMera Enterprises, and then he’ll give her the divorce she so obviously desires.

Gabi gave that some serious consideration, but after flashbacking to her and Stefan’s agreement to use said shares to wreck shop, she declined. Nope, she’s made her bed, and she intends to lie in it — metaphorically speaking, of course.

DAYS Recap: Battle Lines

What point, exactly, was Sloan trying to get across with her and Eric’s (Greg Vaughan) public display of affection, wondered Nicole (Arianne Zucker)? Was she marking her territory? Spraying her scent like a feral cat?

Oh, that’s right, granted Sloan. “A YOUNG feral cat!”

Clearly unamused, Nicole “disguised” a very loud “TRAMP,” with a cough and then inquired as to whether or not she’d be reading about Sloan and Eric’s upcoming romp in the newest Lady Whistleblower column — after all, Sloan clearly loves to make her love making a matter of public record. Good thing Eric doesn’t feel used or demeaned in any way.

Clearly losing her patience, Sloan made an effort to strike Nicole, but the blow was blocked. “Careful…I invented that move,” hissed Nicole.

days of our lives recap for march 8, 2023 has nicole walker catching sloan trying to slap her
Nicole Walker invented this move, silly Sloan.

“When? When the Earth was cooling,” insulted Sloan.

After the lithe and lethal legal eagle took her leave, Nicole lambasted Eric for associating with the likes of her. Who are you to judge, spit Eric, before summarizing his newfound outlook — he no longer gives a damn about what’s “right” or what’s “wrong” — the only thing that matters to him at the moment is that the sex with Sloan is good. REALLY good.

Paulina Price Gets The Ultimate Blindside

The last thing that Paulina expected to hear from Belle (Martha Madison) was that the check that she made out to her bounced, but there Belle was, insisting that such a thing came to pass.

Hoping to clear up the confusion, Paulina phoned her bank and learned, much to her horror, that all her accounts had been frozen. Paulina wondered how it was possible.

days of our lives recap for march 8, 2023 has paulina price carver shocked her accounts were frozen
Paulina Price Carver can’t believe her accounts were frozen.

“I know,” a delighted Sloan announced as she barged in. In fact, she’d rushed right over — well, not rushed, there was the Nicole of it all — to tell Paulina that thanks to a recently obtained court order, “From this day forward, you’re going to need the court’s prior approval for any and all expenditures.” It’s a little insurance policy that’ll ensure Paulina has the six figures sum that Sloan just knows she’s going to win.

Once Sloan scurried out — and made a beeline for Eric’s room — a furious Paulina fired her entire legal team save for Belle. She told her attorney that she wanted her to do whatever it takes to stop Sloan Petersen in her tracks…but if comes down to saving her neck or her daughter, Belle had better do right by Chanel.

Game, Set, Match

After working overtime to convince EJ (Dan Feuerriegel) that they were merely expressing their mutual concern for Stefan and their fervent hope that he wasn’t partaking in illicit drugs, Wendy and Johnny (Carson Boatman) headed to the park for lunch and a brainstorming session.

days of our lives recap for march 8, 2023 has wendy and johnny trying to get out of hot water
Wendy Shin and Johnny DiMera try to talk their way out of trouble.

An eavesdropping Nicole overheard the two doubting the veracity of EJ’s claims — both that Stefan was using and that he cared for his brother’s well-being — and attempted damage control. Instead, she only managed to convince Johnny that perhaps there was a vast, cross-poisoning conspiracy afoot.

Opposite this, Stefan and EJ joined up at the office, and the latter set the former up to be dosed by his own drug. Clever boy, EJ, clever boy.

DOOL Recap: The Future Is Bright And Full Of Possibilities – Maybe

Though business is booming, Chanel is still a might down in the dumps. Abe Carver (James Reynolds) encouraged her to lean on him and her mother, but Chanel didn’t want to wallow any more than necessary.

What do you want, queried Abe. Perhaps to pick up where you left off with Johnny? Nope, not that. Definitely not that.

Later, Chanel made the aquaintance of an amateur baker very much in need of a job. The chocolate chip cookie made as proof of ability impressed the Sweet Bits proprietor, but she wasn’t ready to hire the mystery lady on the spot. The young woman needs to fill out an application!

days of our lives recap for march 8, 2023 has thalia making her salem debut with chanel
This gal’s cookies take Chanel Dupree by storm.

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