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Leo, Gwen, & Xander Cook Initiate A Hostile Takeover of The Spectator

The DAYS recap for Thursday, February 9, 2023: This will surely knock Papa Deveraux off his high horse.

days of our lives recap for thursday, february 9, 2023 gwen, leo, and xander cook with their heads togetherScheme team Gwen, Leo, and Xander Cook put their heads together.

On today’s Days of our Lives, Xander Cook, Gwen Rizczech, and Leo Stark united for a common cause: get back against the hypocritical naysayers.

Days of our Lives Recap Highlights

In addition, Allie (Lindsay Arnold) sealed her relationship’s fate, Sarah (Linsey Godfrey) fell into the arms of an ex, and Wendy (Victoria Grace) called time on romance with Johnny (Carson Boatman). Now, let’s dig a little deeper into what exactly happened.

Xander Cook Agrees To Stick It To The Man — And The Man Is Jack

After literally running into Jack (Matthew Ashford) in the park, Xander (Paul Telfer) sought to clear the air between them. Jack didn’t appreciate his efforts. Xander didn’t appreciate Jack’s not appreciating, and he called his former out on his abandonment of Gwen. So much for fatherly love. Then again, Jack’s love was always conditional.

In fact, Xander’s glad that they aren’t mates anymore. Why would he want to have a relationship with a man who reminds him of Victor (John Lindstrom)? Talk about a gut punch!

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Opposite this, with Gwen on the verge of spiraling, Leo issued Xander an SOS text. While Xander made the trek, Leo tried to calm his gal pal. He succeeded in at least getting her calm. Enter Xander. Boy, Gwen sure was excited to see him. Xander was…peeved. The mood darkened considerably. Good thing Leo had a plan to address his buddies’ concerns.

Now, if Gwen will recall, she’s got some mighty fine leverage to squeeze Jack for all he’s worth. What’s that, wondered Xander. Oh, nothing much, recalled Gwen, just the knowledge that it was Jennifer Rose (Cady McClain) who ran her down outside the police station. And yes, Gwen is absolutely sure of what she speaks. Jennifer even came and apologized for her faux pas. This gave the trio an idea.

Off to the Horton House Gwen and Xander trudged, and an ultimatum, they did level. Jack will either sign The Spectator over to them, or Gwen will go to the cops and ensure Jennifer’s arrest. Your move, Mr. Editor-in-Chief!

days of our lives recap for february 9, 2023, has jack in shock as xander and gwen blackmail him
Xander Cook and Gwen make a play for The Spectator.

DOOL Recap: REX-Mess

Sarah was surprised to find Rex (Kyle Lowder) hanging around the Kiriakis drawing room, and Rex surprised her by confessing that his brother Philip was alive, not entirely well, and residing in a mental health facility. Sarah had a stunner of her own: Xander was no longer her husband. To be clear, they are D.I.V.O.R.C.E.D.

And no, despite her forgiving nature — which Rex has admittedly benefited from a time or three — Sarah can’t foresee herself either outright forgiving Xander or taking him back. Like, ever.

Rex was sorry. So sorry. Not sorry that Xander is out of Sarah’s life, but sorry that his favorite former missus was hurting. How he wished he could do something to help. Wait! He can!

Picking up a pillow, Rex suggested that Sarah unleash her pent-up frustrations by punching it. And punch Sarah did. Over, and over, and over, and over again. She would have probably gone on punching if Rex hadn’t begged her to cease.

With a lack of anything else better to do, Sarah helped Rex ditch his shirt and made a suggestion of her own: retire upstairs to her bedroom for an *ahem* roll in the sack. Rex most happily agreed.

days of our lives recap for february 9, 2023, has sarah ripping off rex's shirt as they kiss
Sarah Horton wants to get over Xander by getting under her ex, Rex.

Messy, Messy Quad

Chanel (Raven Bowens) demanded an explanation for Allie and Alex’s (Robert Scott Wilson) actions and got one…though it wasn’t exactly what she wanted to hear.

And after drunkard Allie got done “explaining” how she and Alex were doing nothing wrong, she, in turn, accused Chanel of getting up to no good with Johnny. Johnny thought someone was projecting a bit too obviously.

When her pleas that Allie return with her to their apartment fell on deaf ears, Chanel stormed out, dragging Johnny alongside her. Hardly cowed, Allie insisted that Alex escort her home…but after a few more drinks.

Despite feeling in his gut that Allie would regret her actions in the morning, Alex doffed his shirt when pressed and climbed atop his date.

days of our lives recap for february 9, 2023, has alex kiriakis topless kissing allie horton
Alex Kiriakis and Allie began to have sex.

Meanwhile, Johnny and Chanel made their way to the Brady Pub where they noticed…Wendy and Tripp (Lucas Adams)? Can you say AWKWARD?

Making the situation even more so was the fact that Wendy was seconds away from phoning Johnny to inquire as to whether or not they could make their movie date — and at Tripp’s insistence, no less.

But Wendy won’t be put in that position again. As she explained to Johnny, whatever is going on between him and Chanel is messy, complicated, and way too much for her to deal with. She’s done. D.O.N.E. Done!

A heartbroken Johnny wound up forgoing a beer and instead saw Chanel back to her mother’s abode. Later, proving that he’s the only adult in the situation, Johnny pulled back from a sure-to-turn-romantic moment between him and his former wife. Chanel was disappointed…but only for a moment. After all, she did choose Allie. That has to count for something.

days of our lives recap for february 9, 2023, has johnny and chanel getting very close to kissing but they don't
Johnny DiMera realizes he and Chanel shouldn’t kiss.

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