John Black Finally Finds Marlena In Megan’s Secret Lair

DAYS recap for Friday, March 24, 2023: It’s not the first time that his beloved has died and live to tell the tale.

days of our lives recap for friday, march 24, 2023, main image john black peering down at marlena who is out of shot.John Black

On today’s Days of our Lives, John Black came upon quite the sight: his beloved, presumed dead wife, seemingly alive and well and encased in a glass coffin akin to Snow White.

Days of our Lives Recap Highlights

In addition, Ciara (Victoria Konefal) and Ben (Robert Scott Wilson) learned that they’d be expanding their brood, Harris (Steve Burton) and Hope (Kristian Alfonso) began as they (apparently) intend to go on, and Bo’s (Peter Reckell) great escape coincided with Kayla’s (Mary Beth Evans) own. Now, let’s dig a little deeper into what exactly happened.

John Black Locates His Sleeping Beauty

In a plane flying overhead…somewhere, John (Drake Hogestyn) and Steve (Stephen Nichols) debated their next move. Thanks to Harris, they have a general idea of where Megan’s (Miranda Wilson) compound is located, but the island chain they’ve been directed to is made up of at least 30 separate isles.

A little applied ingenuity narrows the field considerably, and further scrutiny leaves the two with only one viable candidate: an islet that was once home to a military base, active in the 1950s as a — get this — research facility and since shuttered.

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Opposite the gents brainstorming, Dr. Rolf (Richard Wharton) eeny meeny miny moed his way into choosing Kayla as his next test subject and set about bringing her ’round.

Far from cooperative, Kayla demanded to know what the madman intended to do with her, necessitating Rolf to expound on Megan’s grand plan, “Fountain Of Youth” serum and all.

Kayla is particularly struck by the claim that Megan is working to recapture a “lost love” as the only love of hers that Kayla is aware of is her baby brother Bo, and he’s long dead…isn’t he? Didn’t he die in Hope’s arms some seven years ago?

After dismissing Kayla’s concerns — but not before pointedly pointing out that she herself had died in Steve’s arms and that Marlena had done the same in John’s — Rolf readied to trial his new concoction…but Kayla put up quite the fight.

“How are you the doing this, the sedative…you shouldn’t have the strength,” groused Rolf, going down for the count. “You should have given me a bigger dose,” Kayla offered by way of an explanation.

days of our lives recap for friday, march 24, 2023, has steve johnson and john black infiltrating the base
Steve Johnson and John Black find the secret Days of our Lives lair.

Cut to John and Steve infiltrating the base from which Rolf and Megan operate. The partners split up, hoping to cover more ground that way, and it is John who happens upon the laboratory hosting a captive Marlena. Boy is Doc a sight for John’s sore eyes.

DAYS Recap: Happy News?

Following 285 days at sea, Ciara and Ben are back on terra firma, in Annapolis, Maryland, to be exact. With little Bo’s first birthday less than two months away, and with Doug (Bill Hayes) and Julie (Susan Seaforth Hayes) Williams threatening to jet ski to them if they don’t return for a visit posthaste, the couple floats the idea of trekking back to Salem.

days of our lives recap for friday, march 24, 2023, has ben and ciara talking
Ben Weston and Ciara talk about the future.

Ben knows that it would delight Ciara to no end, and he’s all for it as well…if only Marlena were still around to see them home. One emotional conversation about how much Marlena meant to them later, a queasy Ciara made a beeline for the bathroom, leaving a bemused Ben behind, wondering what could be ailing her.

Ciara’s eventual response? She’s pretty sure that she’s pregnant! A storebought test confirms those suspicions, and the couple is thrilled at the revelation.

Ciara’s first call is to big brother Shawn (Brandon Beemer). She doesn’t share the baby news, but she does let him know that she and Ben are planning on visiting Salem in the very near future. In the process, she learns that Hope is in nearby Frederick, Maryland.

Hope and Harris Smooch

Speaking of Hope…rather than flock to John and Steve’s side, she stays put beside Harris and ensures his well-being. Harris is grateful and surprised.

Once it’s established that Harris is on the mend and that there will be no lasting damage from his ECT, he and Hope looked to his future.

Harris expressed a desire to return to active duty before admitting that he knows that that’s a pipedream. He also makes clear his hope (HA!) that he and Hope can spend more time together, now that he’s been given a second chance, now that they’ve been given another chance. He wants to get to know the real her, and he wants her to get to know the real him…but he can understand if she wants nothing to do with him.

days of our lives recap for friday, march 24, 2023, has harris and hope locking lips
Harris kisses Hope Brady.

Hope conceded that could be arranged, but they need to take things one step at a time and take things slow. Harris concurred. And the two slowly, oh so slowly, leaned in for a kiss. Enter Ciara, who took in the sight and demanded to know, “What the Hell is going on here?!”

DOOL Recap: His Own Man

Elsewhere, Bo and Megan faced off. He has questions and intends to get the answers for himself — alone. Megan strenuously objected to the idea, but Bo made it clear that he was exiting stage right and had no interest in being injected with a de-aging serum or having his noggin “tuned up” or any such nonsense. He needs to “find himself” and chart his own destiny — away from Megan!

days of our lives recap for friday, march 24, 2023, bo and megan face off
Bo Brady and Megan face off.

“INGRATE!” shouted Megan, who made a last-ditch effort to stymie Bo’s leave by injecting him with a sedative. A struggle ensued, and Megan, pricked by her own hypodermic, succumbed to the drug’s effects.

With that, Bo bundled up his meager belongings and some supplies and headed for the door. And who should he run into on the other side but Kayla?

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