Hope Brady Gets Harris To Risk His Life For A Lead On Megan

DAYS recap for Thursday, March 23, 2023: There’s nothing that he wouldn’t do for her…even die, apparently.

days of our lives recap for thursday, march 23, 2023, main image harris and hope bradyHarris and Hope Brady

On today’s Days of our Lives, Harris put his life at risk all for the love of one Hope Brady. His efforts pay off dividends but leave him in quite the state.

Days of our Lives Recap Highlights

In addition, Megan (Miranda Wilson) took Rolf (Richard Wharton) to task, Bo (Peter Reckell) experienced total recall, and Paulina (Jackée Harry) hurled accusations left, right, and center. Now, let’s dig a little deeper into what exactly happened.

Hope Brady Gets The Goods On Megan Thanks To Harris

At an ISA facility in Fredrick, Maryland, Hope Brady (Kristian Alfonso) worked to calm Harris (Steve Burton), whose frustrations at not being able to break through Megan’s conditioning were mounting.

A Dr. Frankel — Kimberly Brady Donovan’s trusted colleague — entered the fray and confessed that traditional psychotherapy might not be enough to retrieve Harris’s memories…but a round of ECT — Electroconvulsive therapy — might do the trick.

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Hope inquired as to possible side effects, and Dr. Frankel rattled them off: headaches, confusion, memory loss, and in very rare cases, death. Harris gave his consent and insisted that the procedure get underway immediately. Though Dr. Frankel was forced to really up the voltage, it proved a qualified success.

days of our lives recap for thursday, march 23, 2023, harris struggles as hope remains nearby with dr. frankel
Harris Michaels remembers something that can help Hope.

Not only did Harris remember the initial brainwashing — performed at the hands of a “guy with a ponytail” with the aid of electrodes not dissimilar to the ones Dr. Frankel had on hand — but he also remembered seeing an occupied tube in the corner of the laboratory — the occupant’s face clouded in fog — as well as a coordinate-bearing map hung on the wall.

Once Harris put said coordinates to paper, Hope readied to take her leave of him and go adventuring, but his collapse into a heap on the floor put paid to that!

DAYS Recap: History Lesson

Meanwhile, in her heavily fortified compound, Megan groused to Rolf (Richard Wharton) that, despite his assurances that Bo would be “forever loyal and true,” Bo “went rogue” the previous night and has since locked himself in a secondary lab and refused to come out.

days of our lives recap for thursday, march 23, 2023, megan gets irritated with rolf
Megan needed Dr. Rolf to do her bidding.

Rolf pointedly reminded Megan that he’d always been upfront with her about the limits of his work. He can’t change who a person is. At their core, they will always be true to themselves.

That displeased Megan…almost as much as the thought that Bo might actually regain that loving feeling for Hope. Megan floated the idea of Rolf looking at Bo and giving him “a tune-up” and the mad doctor agreed — but on the proviso that Bo is either cooperative or coerced into doing so.

To ensure compliance, Megan fetched a hypodermic needle and a vial of…something, presumably a sedative…and headed off to face her obsession.

It All Comes Back To Bo

Meanwhile, Bo raided his makeshift hidey hole and came upon his own file. A perusal of its contents opened the floodgates of Bo’s memories, and it all came pouring back — and it was the good stuff too. Real classics.

Like the time he spirited Hope away from her wedding to big, bad Larry Welch. And when they danced aboard The Fancy Face. And the months that they were estranged due to his attempting to penetrate Victor’s inner circle and bring him to justice.

days of our lives recap for thursday, march 23, 2023, bo recalled moments with his father, victor kiriakis
Bo Brady had memories of his father, Victor Kiriakis.

Oh yes, Victor. There were so many memories of Victor. And even of vile Stefano. And who could forget what appeared to be his final moments, cradled in the arms of his beloved Hope? Not Bo. Well, he could, and he did, but not for long.

But with Megan at the ready to jab him with a liquid-filled syringe and drag him back to Rolf’s workbench, will it really matter?

DOOL Recap: Close To Home

Back in Salem, Anywhere USA, Chad (Billy Flynn) delighted Abe (James Reynolds) with the news that he and Theo have taken to playing virtual chess — and that Theo trounces him every time.

Abe ruefully relayed how he and Lexie had feared that Theo would never be able to work or live independently in the wake of his Autism diagnosis and how he now wishes — but only just — that Theo would actually be a little less independent, something that Chad can relate to when it comes to Thomas and Charlotte.

Chad then questioned how young Theo had reacted to Abe’s moving on from Lexie after she’d passed, admitting that he worries what will happen to his children should he and Stephanie (Abigail Klein) not work out in the long run.

Abe, in response, encouraged Chad to “take it one day at a time” and stop with the “What ifs?”

Opposite this, Paulina and Steph reeled from finding the former’s office in a state of disarray. Paulina immediately jumped to the conclusion that Sloan Petersen (Jessica Serfaty) was responsible for the break-in, but Steph wasn’t convinced. After all, this didn’t seem like Sloan’s M.O.

In the hopes of having the situation handled in a more discreet manner, Steph phoned Shawn (Brandon Beemer) personally and asked him to come and investigate. He to doubted that Sloan was the guilty party, but Paulina was adamant — and she intended to see to it that Sloan paid!

days of our lives recap for thursday, march 23, 2023, paulina price does the talking as chad and stephanie stay back
Paulina Price doesn’t want this break-in to get out.

Returning to the Brady Pub, Steve (Stephen Nichols) appeared looking for Roman (Josh Taylor). He’d come bearing an update on the search for Megan, but since Roman was absent, he filled Abe in on what he had.

When Abe cautioned his good buddy about letting the quest to locate the villainess take over his life, Steve blubbered, “It’s the only thing gettin’ me out of bed in the morning. It helps me avoid thinking about life without Kayla.” Abe encouraged Steve to reach out to him and to his plethora of friends and family, then questioned what exactly Steve planned to do once he found Megan. That, Steve assured, was info that Abe didn’t really want to know.

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