DAYS Recap: Two More Women Are Ready To Be Brides

Does DAYS think it is still June in Salem?

chloe lane and sarah horton are ready for marriage on the days of our lives recap for monday, august 21, 2023.Chloe Lane said yes to Xander and Sarah said yes to Rex.

In the Days of our Lives recap for August 21, 2023, two more gals are showing that wedding fever still has a grip on Salem.

Days of our Lives Recap Highlights

In addition, engaged Nicole agreed to EJ’s suggestion that they get married right away, Sloan resolved to come clean to her man, consequences be damned, and Belle agreed to let Shawn continue to wallow…as long as she was there to watch. Now, let’s dig a little deeper into what exactly happened.

Days of our Lives Recap: Marry Go Round

At the Kiriakis mansion, Xander (Paul Telfer) was at a loss. When was Sarah (Linsey Godfrey) going to tell him that she was pregnant — REALLY pregnant — with his baby?

Sarah insisted that she was carrying Rex’s (Kyle Lowder) child, but Xander argued that her massive size would indicate the opposite. Also, what are the chances that Sarah got pregnant from her and Rex’s one-night stand in Salem? Pretty good, rebutted Sarah. After all, Rex “has all the working parts” and “it just takes once.” (And this is why she’s the doctor here folks!)

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Still, Xander persisted. Wasn’t it all a bit too convenient? And how could she be sure that he wasn’t the father? Um, MATH, bellowed Sarah. Xander eventually dropped the matter…but only so he and Sarah could trade potshots about their choice of new lover.

Sarah was especially put out to learn that Xander had asked Chloe (Nadia Bjorlin) to marry him. At least Miss Lane was still thinking it over. Perhaps she wasn’t as lacking in standards as Sarah thought (ouch). After being summarily dismissed, Xander headed for the door…but not before issuing a parting shot: “Be sure to let me know if he pops out with a Scottish accent.”

Meanwhile, Chloe took great offense to learn that Brady (Eric Martsolf) traipsed over to Xander and informed him of the kiss he laid on her. She also wasn’t particularly thrilled to learn that Xander had taken a swing at Brady over it. What did hearten her, however, was learning that the two men actually put all that aside in order to mourn Victor.

After a bit of pointed chit-chat, Chloe headed home to Xander and announced that she was (FINALLY) ready to accept his proposal. Opposite, Sarah phoned Rex and told him that she was ready to get hitched.

DAYS Recap: Getting The Show On The Road

At Casa DiMera, EJ (Dan Feuerriegel) blurted out to Nicole that Victor was dead, and, despite herself, Nicole couldn’t help but miss the ole coot who once shoved her out of a window and contrived to make her life a misery.

Having given her a few minutes to digest the news and fete her ex, EJ floated the idea of the two of them eloping to Italy that very night. Nicole debated, then happily agreed. The rub? Dimitri (Peter Porte) — “that pompous jerk” — had commandeered the family jet and it was too late to book a commercial flight.

But have no fear, the elopement is far from off. They’ll just get hitched in Salem…which they’d been trying to avoid, hence the elopement. Oh well, their marriage couldn’t be any worse than the one Nicole and Victor had…they hope.

DOOL Recap: Take That!

With Paulina (Jackée Harry) soon to be her boss, Melinda (Tina Huang) was set to pull out all the stops to impress her. She’s got a headline-grabbing case lined up: the attempted murder of Stefan DiMera; and a high-profile defendant to prosecute: Li Shin (Remington Hoffman).

The only thing she was missing was a defense counsel to throw the case her way, and that’s where Sloan (Jessica Serfaty) comes in… provided Sloan still wants Melinda to keep her mouth shut about Eric (temporary recast Jason Gerhardt) being the father of Nicole’s baby.

Sloan, for her part, refused to be Melinda’s patsy and serve Li up on a platter and decided she’d beat Melinda to the punch by coming clean to Eric herself. Melinda advised against that, but Sloan’s mind was made up.

Days of our Lives Recap: Stand By Your Man

Having already contended with Eric, the last thing that Shawn (Brandon Beemer) wanted to deal with was Belle (Martha Madison) standing around crowding him — not when he had drinking and self-pitying to do — but his wife wasn’t going anywhere. If he wanted to drink himself into oblivion, that was fine. He just wasn’t going to do it alone.

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